[How to]Remove Windows 10 Technical preview on Surface Pro 3


There has been a colossal response to the Windows 10 Technical Preview, both positive and negative. Some people feeling lucky with the latest version, while some are facing some problems. Windows 10 has certainly wiped out the recovery partition on your surface and this missing partition recovery makes easy return to Windows 8 possible. Not everything is lost, you can still bring Windows 8.1 version back to the Surface Pro 3 tablet using the USB recovery drive.

If you have installed Windows 10 Technical preview on Surface Pro 3 tablet and you want to uninstall it then here is tutorial how to remove it from Surface Pro 3.


Remove Windows 10 Technical preview on Surface Pro 3

  • First, you need to download Surface Pro 3 recovery media from the Microsoft website.
  • After downloading, extract the contents from the ZIP file onto the USB drive which has been formatted using FAT32 file system. For this you need atleast 16 GB pen drive.
  • Turn off your Surface tablet and insert the USB drive.
  • Now press and hold the Volume Down button and then press and release the power button. Press until the Surface logo appears on the screen and release the Volume Down button.
  • Here choose your language and country and then navigate to Troubleshoot>Advance options>Command Prompt.
  • In the command prompt, type diskpart and then press enter.
  • Type select disk system and hit enter. This action will select the drive that the Operating System is loaded.
  • Type clean and then hit enter. Now your hard drive is erased.
  • Now type exit then hit enter.
  • Turn off the Surface and power it on using the step 4.
  • Now select your language and country and then go to Troubleshoot>Reset your PC.
  • Click Next and click on Yes, re-partition the drives.
  • Follow the steps to begin the recovery process and if prompted, confirm that you want to clear the Trusted Platform Module by hitting F12.

Your Surface Pro 3 tablet will now boot up and complete the installation. You will be now redirected to the initial device setup, starting with the Region and Language settings. Everything will be back to the normal and you can now sign in and download all your apps and move the backed-up data to the newly restored Surface Pro 3.