Top websites and apps to learn and speak Hindi online


There are many languages people  speak all over the world. Similarly in India as per survey there are 780 languages people speak  in India. In this numeric only some of the languages are official which means language must have script in that Hindi is first official language in India, also it is the national language of India. Many people  showing interest to learn and speak this Language for that there are many books available in the libraries and even they can buy the books which is available in the market.

Now a days Internet and Smartphones became part of our daily life with out this things we cant lead life smoothly, Every thing makes easy with this Things as many websites and applications are available on the online.This article gives you clear information about the top websites and apps to learn and speak Hindi online.


Suppose if you are very much interested in learning and reading Hindi First you need to start speaking Hindi, To speak Hindi there are some steps you can follow as below and I will discuss with the Top websites to learn Hindi followed by mobile apps.

  • Begin with simple and easy words like ‘Haan’ pronunciation this word is very easy and the meaning of this word is yes. Then learn the opposite word of this ‘Nahin’.
  • Initially you need to learn with basic part, My suggestion is better to make a Hindi speaking friend.
  • If you are comfort speaking with Hindi then start reading and writing the language.

As I said earlier there are many websites available online for the beginners purpose. The top websites to learn and speak Hindi are given below. If you are interested just click on that website

If you want to learn Hindi then these are the right websites for you, These websites offers free Hindi lessons online from the phrases, Alphabets, Numbers, Adjectives, words, survival terms, vocabulary and Hindi translation used in India. I already go through the above websites most of the lessons contain the expressions used in the daily life conversions, through them you can learn how to specify the sentences.

Even some applications are available to learn and speak Hindi in the Smartphones which runs on Android, Windows and iOS. Firstly I will discuss with available Android apps as mentioned below.

These are the best Android apps to learn and speak Hindi quickly where you can get it from the Google play store. In these three Apps mentioned above Talk Hindi Free app is the top rated one and the features of this application includes

  • Clear audio recording of a Indian native Girl.
  • No internet required works offline.
  • This version is available in three categorizes.
  • smart pre-selected essential phrases.
  •  Compressed audio files.
  • You can move the app to SD card.

Speak Hindi and Learn Hindi these are top rated apps in windows, Where learn Hindi is the best app to read, write and pronounce Hindi language in Devanagari around 150 Hindi words with phonetic pronunciation. Especially this apps will to suitable for native English speaking kids. The main features of this application includes

  • Audio playback for learning right pronunciation of alphabets and words.
  • Practice and learn writing of Hindi alphabets and words using stylus on touch device supporting stylus
  •  Transliteration in English for vowels and consonants sounds to help native English speakers in mastering pronunciation
  •  Separate detailed section on phonetics for learning Hindi pronunciation using Devanagari script.
  • English translation for each Hindi word. Each word has associated picture with it which makes learning fun.
  • Learn Hindi word in seven different categories like colors, relations, numerical, fruits, vegetables, animals and days of the week.
  • restart the application if you are using trail version and purchase the full version by paying $2.49.

Learn Hindi is the app to learn Hindi for iPhone users and you can get this app from iTunes which cost around $2. This are also best app to learn the Hindi Language. The features of this app are

  • The lessons are grouped into seven topics basics, people, Body and Health, food and drinks, shopping, Travel and at home nouns has gender displayed.
  • Each lesson allows to study the vocabulary with listing, flashcards and test mode.
  • Best result for the each lesson can be saved.
  • Test can be stopped and continue at any time.
  • Suppose if you want to add selected words or phrases from the lessons, You can add them to customized study plan by tapping the add button.
  • Over all the application is really good to learn and improve the Hindi language easily and comfortably.