Top 10 websites to watch sports online


There are many options to watch online streaming sports if you adopt how to use internet. This article brings you some of the website services which makes you to watch Sports through online streaming. Follow the list given below:

Websites to watch Sports online

Sport lemon TV 

Sport Lemon TV is one of the sports online streaming website for finding sports online, perhaps this is one of the most simple and easy website to use. The selection of sports in this website is very respectable. All the sports are covered here and every stream has more than one link so you can choose one which has best quality. Another nice feature of live stream of this Lemon TV is refresh button which allows you to stream that goes down instead of forcing to refresh entire page.


Live TV

To watch most extensive range of sports and matches, Live TV will definitely became the designation of choice if you are into more than one sport or if you like detailed and constantly updated your favorite teams and matches. The website navigation is definitely cluttered, but that is necessary due to amount of information covered on it. Live scores, popular steams, sports categories and important upcoming matches with schedule will be seen in this Live TV website.

Live TV

Stream 2 

Stream2watch is another big streaming sports website which offers major sports which includes Cricket, Foot ball, basket ball, Tennis, Polo, badminton  and many more sport  with multiple links and some live TV stations too.


First Row sports

The most popular sports streaming website, FirstRowSports, has been providing streaming sports links to the public for a few years. However, they are notorious for including links to games that have no valid streaming videos. Kind of irritates me, but there’s a reason they are so popular and it’s because they do offer a large selection of free streaming sports streams online.


Another website that carries all major sports streams. The streams they carry seemm to closely related to the other sites already mentioned, so I’m not sure how many new and unique streams you’ll find on here. But either way, it is a great starting resource to find any major sports stream out there.


All Sports live 

This website carries a lot more of the other international sports, rather than the major US sports. But that makes it a perfect fit for people looking for international sporting events online. Apart from streaming there are recordings, online results and tables with scores. There are also videos with all the football goals to enjoy once (or twice, or thrice) more. Pay attention to a great number of channels and sources.

This website also carries many major International sport events but carries a bunch of sports like table tennis, volleyball, and other non-major sports. These sports hardly get to see the limelight, so it’s kind of refreshing to have such a great resource to watching some of the under appreciated sports out there. Main drawback of this website is some of the major tournament are not highlighted.



This website also carries major sports on and offers various different types of links to the matches, so it’s a great place to find a working link when you’re in a crunch.


First page comprises huge images of populated sports, you choose the need one and channel and start watching sounds so simple. Before watching you most download the free desktop application, And the interface looks a bit clumsy. Though devoted fans don’t usually pay attention to this staff.

This website offers both the major as well as the some of the less populated sports, you can usually find a working link to pretty much more popular live match that is going on.