Top 10 Less Known iOS 11 Features You Should Try Out


Apple’s latest iOS update i.e. iOS 11 has a number of advance features which makes this iOS update the best iOS update till date. iOS 11 was released on September 19th along which was announced alongside the new iPhones. iOS 11 is available for over 20 different iDevices along with the new iPhones. If you have already upgraded your current iDevice with the latest iOS 11 and don’t know about the features of it, then you are at the right place. We are here with less known iOS 11 features which you should try out on your iOS device like right away!

Since iOS is one of the most popular Smartphone Platform, it is being used by millions of people around the globe who are actually loving the entire User Interface. iOS 11 has a builtin QR Code Reader with which you can simply scan any QR Code and can get things done instantly without using any additional apps. The new iOS 11 has plenty of such features which you should need to know if you are eager to know about them. Let’s get on to the list of such hidden features in the new iOS 11.

Top 10 Less Known iOS 11 Features

1. QR Code Scanner or Reader

As mentioned above, iOS 11 has a builtin QR Code Reader feature available which most of the iOS 11 users are not aware about. If you are using an iDevice which is running on iOS 11, then you should be able to make use of this feature on your device.

QR Code Reader feature is there in your Camera app. Yes, you just need to take your camera to the QR Code by launching the Camera app. The app will itself recognises the QR Code and the hidden data within the code and it will show you the details in the notification panel from where you can simply launch the URL or can do various things.

2. FaceTime Screenshots

Apple has upgraded the FaceTime app which now lets you take more sharp screenshots. Once you upgrade your device with the iOS 11 update, you will notice the Screenshots more clearer than the previous OS. So whenever you take Screenshots while Facetiming through iOS 11 device, you will be happy to see good quality screenshots.

In order to take Screenshots while Facetiming, all you have to do is just tap on to the Shutter button given at the left corner of the device at the bottom side. You would see a Shutter button like Camera, just tap on to the Shutter button and it will capture that particular moment and will save the Screenshot to the Albums of your Photos app.

3. Maximize Storage Capacity

Since iOS devices come with limited storage options, you will be in need of some more storage to store up your favourite stuffs on the device. No matter how much memory storage available in your device, you will always look for some more free space.

In order to maximize storage capacity in your iOS device, all you have to do is just head over to the Settings option and select iPhone Storage option. You will see a few useful options which will help you to save some space in your device. From the available options, you need to enable Enable “offload unused apps,” “auto delete old conversations,” and “review large attachments” options from the device. This will allow you to keep some extra space in your device.

By enabling above features, your device will not save unwanted things and at the end, you will get more free space and storage capacity in your device.

4. Improved Siri with new Typing feature

Siri has been improved and this time, you will gain more power to your Siri app. Till now, you can only use Siri by speaking to it but the new iOS 11 update brings Typing feature to the native Siri app. With this app, you can actually type in the things and Siri will answer all the questions normally.

There is a new Type to Siri feature available within the Siri app which allows you to type in your query or question and it will respond back.

In order to enable this feature, head over to the Settings menu from your device and follow this path : General > Accessibility > Siri > Type to Siri 

Once you enable the above Type to Siri feature by following above path, the native Siri app will turn the interface from Voice to Text. So whenever you launch the Siri app it will ask you to type in your query first.

5. One handed Keyboard

Since new iOS devices are having big screen, it requires you to use both the hands while typing things on your device. However, the new iOS 11 has one more hidden feature called One handed Keyboard which allows you to type in things with mini Keyboard so you can type in things with one hand.

In order to enable this hidden One handed Keyboard feature on your iOS device, all you need to do is just hold down on the Emoji key of your original Keyboard and select the one handed Keyboard from the menu displayed on your screen. Once you select this option, your Keyboard will be changed to small keyboard so you can type in things with single hand.

6. Dark Mode

iOS 11 brings back the much needed Dark Mode feature which allows you to change the entire background or we can say the theme or the UI of your iOS device with darker color. However, by enabling this dark mode feature, you will notice a variety of changes to the original UI which you may not find cool enough.

There is a new smart invert settings option available on your iOS 11 device. In order to enable this Dark Mode feature, you just need to follow below given path.

Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Display Accommodations >> Invert Colors 

You can select the right background from here, however it will not work on some apps so you better aware about this before actually using this feature to change the theme. Apple may come up with some more improvements to this particular feature with the next update.

7. Save Safari Reading List to read offline

Most of the iOS users do like to read a variety of articles on different things. They explore a lot while travelling or in their free time from various websites within the Safari. With the new feature, you will be able to add or to store articles automatically in your Reading List. By adding the articles automatically to this list, you will be able to read them out without the Internet connectivity.

In order to enable this feature, you just need to go to the Settings menu of your device and select Safari option from there. Enable “automatically save offline” in Safari and save stories offline to read later. This will not require any connectivity to the Internet.

8. Record your Screen with Screen Recording

iOS 11 is packed with a bunch of hidden features which you can try out. iOS 11 has a new Screen Recording builtin feature allowing users to record screen of your phone. You can actually record the entire interaction of you and your phone with this feature as a video. You can activate this feature from the Control Center. Tap on to the icon and the Screen will start recording in the background. Once you tap on the icon, it will give you three seconds to move on to the original task which you want to record.

9. Access Notes from the Lock Screen

Notes is really an important feature available which most of the users are happily using on their respective devices. With the iOS 11 update, you can get direct Access to notes right from the lock screen device. iOS 11’s Control Center has a bunch of new shortcuts which allows you to view and access notes on your device even if your device is locked down.

In order to enable this feature on your iOS device, all you have to do is just go to the Settings >> Notes >> Access from Lock Screen

You have to enable this feature from your device to access notes from Lock Screen. While using this shortcut, you can choose different options to work with the notes or resume the previous notes as per your requirements.

10. Rearrange multiple apps and folder at once

iOS 11 now allows users to move and rearrange multiple apps and folder from your device’s display. In order to make this work, you just need to hold down on to the icon of an app and move it around, during this period you can select other app which you want to move along with the first app to a different place. This is how you can move or rearrange multiple apps on your iOS 11 device.

This requires a bit of practice and you will not be able to use it like right away. Make sure to use this feature properly and you will be mastered with it. If you have plenty of unwanted apps on your home screen, this feature will help you clean up your home screen quickly.

So folks, these are all the hidden yet useful features packed inside the new iOS 11 update by the giant Apple for your iOS devices. If you know any such hidden feature on the iOS 11, then let us know. We would definitely add them to the above list so others can make use of those extra features on their respective iOS devices.