Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos of all time


Internet was created to express our comments easily, similar to most liked videos in YouTube there is also most disliked videos. Through this article you can get the information about Top 10 most disliked YouTube Videos of time which means best of worst videos in YouTube.

Baby by Justin Bieber

Baby is a song composed by the Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber and this song was written by Bieber, stewart and Terius where both were worked with Bieber before. This song was released on Jan 18th 2010 directly into the Internet. This song was commercially but fails to impresse the critics and viewers. Over 4,215,180 approximately equals to 4 million viewers disliked this video. Its easy to pile on to Justin Bieder.

Friday by Rebecca Black

Friday is one of Top disliked YouTube videos and this song was composed by the Rebecca black an American pop singer and dancer who gained extensive attention with this Friday song in the year 2011. This song was co-written and produced by Clarence Jey and Wilson of Ark Music Factory. Even critics and viewers also deride this song Friday. This video stood in Top list as a Most disliked  video in YouTube with 1,444,407 dislikes.

Never Say Never by Justin Bieber feat

Never Say Never is a song composed by the Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber and this sony was written and produced by The Messengers and Omarr Rambert. The music of this song is similar to the theme music of the Karate Kid still this song become a big success in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. In YouTube this is song got place in top most disliked videos with 357, 756 hated viewers.

Some body to Love by Justin Bieber

Some body to Love is a song composed by the Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber. This song served as a second single from the album and the sing was written by Healther Bright and the stereotypes and produced by latter. This song was originally recorded as a demo by Bieber’s mentor, R&B singer. Even though this song received positive reviews for the Critics but this song is placed in one of the most hated videos in YouTube with 340,657 dislike viewers.

Charlie Bit my Finger again

Charlie Bit my finger is an Short Internet Viral Video with a running time of 55 seconds, this video also stood one of the most viewed video in YouTube. Over 212,198 viewers simply hated this video.

Bad romance by Lady Gaga 

Bad Romance is also a song sung by the Lady Gaga an American recording artist. Most commentators were enticed by the Bad Romance which was declared one of the highlights of the The Fame Monster album. This song received two Grammy Awards for Best female vocal performance and also for Best short form music video. This single also stood in one of the most hated videos in YouTube with 192,177 dislikes.

Justin Bieber- One Less Lonely Girl

One Less Lonely Girl is a song by singer Justin Bieber and this song was written and produced by the Bieber’s Mentor, Usher and many others producers are Lewis, Balewa Muhammed of the clutch, A Rex duo sean Hamilton and Hyuk Shin. This song received positively by the critics and the song become huge success in United States and Canada. Some of the viewers hated this song with 162,349 dislikes which makes this video to stood in top ten hated videos all the time.

Never Let you Go

Never Let You Go is a song sing by Canada recording artist Justin Beiber. The track was written by Bieber and co-written and produced by production duo Johnta Austin and Bryan- Michael Cox. This song originally released as a promo single from latter half of bieber’s debut album. Over 141,821 viewers hated this sing which was composed by the Justin Bieber.

Chocolate rain by tay zonday

Chocolate rain is a song and music video by Tay Zonday and commonly interpreted as a commentary as racism and social injustice in united states. This become popular when it was posted to YouTube on April 22nd 2007. Over 95,284 viewers dislikes this videos.

Evolution of Dance

Evolution of Dance was a YouTube video once it was most watched video, Now this video became one of the hated video with 89,581 dislikes