Tips for Avoiding Malware and Virus affecting your Android


There are many applications available for the Android that it is possible for bad people to do bad things with apps. That’s possible with any computer system, of course. And like any other computer system, Android has checks and balances that help keep you safe. Most of them are done without you having to lift a finger.

There are gates that have to be opened for malware to get through, and chances are the bad guys are hoping you’ll hand them the key in the first place. The main reason of this post to make you aware and give tips for avoiding Malware and virus affecting your android. Follow the tips I have given below.

Steps to follow to avoid the Malware and Virus on Android

1.If you don’t Know then don’t install 

Here I am advising you that not to install any application or any other features without knowing it, because you can find Spam text message with a link which may lead to virus or even that you find in various forms the Internet you simply have no way to knowing what in that without some serous hacker.

2.Install only from Google Play Store or any reputable stores

The users of Android is recommended to download the applications and games especially from the Google Play store or in any emergency case you can download it from any Reputable stores like Amazon app store because these are official store and also provides safety for your mobile from the Malware and virus.

3. Uncheck Install from unknown sources

By default all the Android phone that has access to Google Play ships with a lock that keeps applications from outside Google’s store from installing themselves. It’s a safety feature, is all, and not about stifling competition. With that lock in place, you will get a warning should an application try to install itself from outside Google Play whether you initiated it, or not. Disabling the lock is the matter of  ticking the unknown sources box in your security settings.

4.Read the permissions

If possible read the permissions of the applications and games you want to install, I mean terms and conditions generally most of the users they use to tick the check box directly without reading the permissions.

5. Better to use any Virus scanner if you want

If you are really worried about the Malware and Virus  use an antivirus app. We’d recommend sticking with one of the big names out there. And we’d recommend finding one that has a bunch of extra features, like the ability to locate and wipe your phone if you lose it. Though that’s another feature that Google does for free, too.