Tinder to add Geo-location and AI-base location system to the app


Being world’s most popular dating app, Tinder has millions of its regular users over the globe. The app is designed for the teens of the United States which is now available worldwide and the world’s people are using this app here and there. Tinder has become an app to date someone which has no reputation. However, there are millions of its regular users around the world who are always expecting something new. Tinder is adding Geo-location and AI-based location system to your app. 

The overall data says the number of this app is lowering day by day which makes the app unpopular. There are many other dating apps available and people have converted themselves towards the new apps recently. This makes the Tinder app unpopular day by day, however it still has got enough users who are happily using this app to find their love around.

For the very same reason, Tinder is planning to add two new useful features to this app, Geo-Location and AI-based location services to your Tinder app.

As per the official words, Tinder’s this update will “blur lines between the physical and digital world for dating.” This feature will definitely add some more number of users to its bucket.

There is no information on how you can make use of this new location-based system and how it will affect on the overall Tinder-experience, as the CEO didn’t reveal anything  about the actual functionality of this app. However, this new UI of the Tinder app will add “a rich dynamic content experience bringing you deep into the activities of the people you’ve already matched with.” The new update of this app will arrive in the early 2018.

Since everyone is looking for some premium features to use on the phones within the apps, this might be a call of investors by the company. They may come up with some premium plans which can be used only by the people who own a Pro version of the Tinder app. There might be a new section of sponsored data locations to the app which is yet to be disclosed by the CEO.

The CEO has said that, “Until now, Tinder has basically been a swiping machine. It’s effective and simple but ultimately limited.” Since the same company owns a couple of such dating apps, the future of Tinder looks very bright by introducing this new geolocation and AI-powered location services to the app. Additionally, the CEO didn’t speak about the availability of these new features to which app of Tinder, a free version or a Gold version.

Further, he added that, if you have been using this app for a long time, you will see significant changes to the original User Interface of the Tinder app. You will see a whole new UI of this app with a bunch of new activities you can try out.

The CEO has guided us through the geolocation features, however we don’t know anything about the AI feature. There is no any details about this new AI feature to the original Tinder app. However, they will soon come up with an official statement regarding the new features and a new update to the existing app.

As per the earning reports, the company has said that, there are millions of people of the free Tinder app who have converted themselves into the premium users. So you would be happy to know that, Tinder is not dead yet, instead the app is gaining more popularity.