Things to know about the iOS 10.3.3 : Goods & Bads


Apple has released its new iOS 11 for over 20 iDevices recently. However, there are still some people and iDevices which would not be able to get their devices upgraded with this iOS. For those, who are unable to get it, can go with the iOS 10.3.3 update. If you see an update is available for your iDevice, then, here’s everything you need to know about this update. We have enlisted the goods and bads about this iOS 10.3.3 here, so let’s get on to it.

There’s nothing more exciting about this update, although it brings a variety of improvements to your older iOS devices including a few other useful features. Just like every other update, iOS 10.3.3 has come up with all bugs fixes and security patches inside, making your phone more secured. Although, the update is a smaller one, it doesn’t push you to its limit, but it packs with some of the good things which you can get in your older iOS device.

The new iOS 10.3.3 update by Apple is a small update which could be installed in just a few minutes to your iOS device. It weighs around 140 MB in size so you can easily download it and can upgrade your iOS device with this iOS 10.3.3 update. The update is available for iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and all the other iOS devices previously launched. You can even install this update to your iPad and iPod Touch devices as well. Let’s see what’s actually there inside this iOS 10.3.3 update.

iOS 10.3.3 : Basics

Just like other additional updates, iOS 10.3.3 is also an additional update to the existing iOS 10.3 for iDevices. This maintenance update is a smaller one and for that reason, it takes only a few minutes to install to your device.

If you are eager to update your iOS device with this iOS 10.3.3, it will take about 10 minutes to complete the entire downloading and installing process. If you are running a very older version of the iOS on your device, then this update might take a little long.

As far as the features are concerned, this maintenance update is here only for the issues and bug fixes. So it is there just to improve the overall performance of your device and not include any additional features to your device.

People who have just upgraded their iDevices with this iOS 10.3.3 have not found any issues till date. They are happily using their iDevices with this update. They can easily connect their devices with WiFi connection and Bluetooth connection. It is also working fine with 4G and LTE connections so you can easily get the maximum internet speed with this update.

What’s new with iOS 10.3.3? 

Well, as we have mentioned earlier, it is just a maintenance update and hence you will not find any significant features on this update of the iOS. Since, the update is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, you are free to install the update on any of your compatible iOS devices.

The new update is only there to fix available bugs in the current OS with some additional security features to your device. It packs with around 25 security patches with iOS 10.3.3.

Issues with the new iOS 10.3.3? 

Since, this is just a minor update, it doesn’t have any issues on the iPhones. However, some of the iPad users and iPod users have found some issues with connections on WiFi and Bluetooth devices.

Some of the devices have found app crashes, random reboots, installation problems with other apps and more. However, this could be just the hardware issue as these issues are not available on all the devices. So, we couldn’t consider them as the official issues.

One more drawback about this update is, once you upgrade your iOS device with the iOS 10.3.3, you will not downgrade it to iOS 10.3.2 as Apple has signed off for this update.

iOS 10.3.3 is the last edition of the iOS 10 Operating System for iOS devices.

Apple has released the new iOS 11 on September 19th a couple of days ago. The update is available for over 20 different iOS devices so you can easily upgrade your iOS device with this latest iOS 11 which is by far the most amazing iOS update. The new iOS 11 has got plenty of innovative features with rich graphical interface so you can get the best of user interface with this iOS 11 on your older device.

If you have already upgraded your iOS device with the latest iOS 11 update, you are eligible to downgrade it with iOS 10.3.3 by following a few simple steps.