Things You Can Do in the new macOS High Sierra


Apple has recently announced its new macOS system in the Keynote with macOS High Sierra. Basically, it is an advance version of the current macOS Sierra with a bunch of additional features inside. You might have seen all the key features of the new macOS High Sierra operating system in our post. But a few things inside the new macOS High Sierra which is just amazing which you can not do in the current macOS. So let’s catch them out now!

As per the official statement, Apple is going to launch the final stable version of this new macOS High Sierra operating system on the coming September 25th. You can download the macOS Sierra DMG file or Installer file for the Windows PCs. If you are looking for a macOS High Sierra update, you have to wait a little to install the official update from the App Store of your Mac system.

Things You Can Do in the new macOS High Sierra

1. Siri can play music

Apple brings Siri interface on Mac systems with its new macOS Sierra operating system last year. In every update, Sire gets better with new features. With the new High Sierra update, your Siri will be more powerful and will act like a DJ that will play the song you ask to Siri.

If you are a premium member of Apple’s iTunes service and love to purchase songs from the iTunes, then this new Siri update will amaze you with its functionality of playing whatever you ask to the Siri.

2. Take Snaps while FaceTiming

FaceTime is by far the most amazing feature that comes on Appel products. With this new update of macOS High Sierra, users of FaceTime will get a new button at the bottom screen which allows them to take live photo during the FaceTime call. This feature will allow users to collect some moments from the live video call.

3. Split view in Mail

macOS High Sierra brings a new Split View screen option in the native Mail application. With this new feature, while composing a new email, the screen will be split in two seconds. On the right, you will see a compose screen and the on the left, you will see other options of the mail app.

This Split View mode is by default and will work automatically once you are upgraded with the new macOS High Sierra. It doesn’t require any settings to be made.

4. Access your Emails quickly

With an updated native Mail app, you will be able to find out the most recent and most interacted emails more quickly. So if you are in a hurry, you will get all the much needed emails right on the top, so you can easily select and start composing an email.

Apart from this, it has a new Search option which is powered by Spotlight. You can easily search for the required email just by clicking on to the Search option. Just click the Search option and put your query and hit the Enter button. You should be able to find out the most relevant emails in the updated Mail app including the above mentioned Split View which composing a new Email.

5. Pinned up you Notes

Updated Notes application on new macOS High Sierra is designed for quick notes. This Notes app brings new Pin option allows users to pinned down favourite notes so every time you launch the Notes app, it will show you the Pinned notes first. You can easily edit and save or share the notes instantly with this new feature. You can even insert a toolbar at the top of the Notes application. The new Notes app also allows you to add Table within the note.

6. Easy File Sharing Through iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is one of the coolest way in Mac system to store files over the cloud. It syncs all the documents and files which are stored in the drive so you can easily access the files. The new macOS High Sierra brings easy file sharing options from the iCloud Drive. As you know, Google Drive has a number of ways to share your sheets and docs to other people in real-time, you can now use the same features on the iCloud Drive in your Mac system with this new High Sierra update.

7. Improved Spotlight

Spotlight is now more powerful in this new High Sierra update. It will get you a closer look of your flights. Just enter your Flight number and the feature will show you all the details of your flight including its timings of departure and arrivals with more useful information. It will also show you the maps of the flights with more closer looks.

8. Access your Photos quickly

New macOS High Sierra brings an updated Photos app with even more user friendly UI for the real Photos user. The app now lets you quickly access your most recent photos and it allows you to search for the photos as well. The new Photos app is builtin with Facial Recognition feature that lets you find out your friends photos easily.

9. Become a Professional Photographer

Photos app update brings a number of useful tools to the native photos app which allows you to convert your simple photos into a professional photos. Edit your photos instantly with the new set of tools. You can even design your own gifs within this new Photos app just like the new iOS 11.

10. Virtual Reality Support

The new High Sierra update brings new Virtual Reality Support on your Mac system. For the first time, a Mac system now comes with full support for Valve’s SteamVR and the HTC Vive to explore a whole new Virtual World on your current Mac system. The new technology in this OS also allows developers to work with their own VR contents within the same mac system. So it’s really a very good update for new generation of the technology world.

Apple is going to release the final stable version for macOS High Sierra on the coming September 25th. Stay tuned with us for more updates.