“The Witness” stunning visual puzzler game finally available on iOS for iPhone and iPad


Beautiful and visually stunning Puzzle game, The Witness is finally making its way to the iOS platform for iPhone and iPad users. The 2016’s popular Puzzle game is now available for iPhone and iPad at $10. The Witness serves kind of an addictive gameplay to solve the puzzles by exploring various beautiful locations.

The Witness does offer kind of the same gameplay like the original Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 game. What you see in the game is what the player sees, it’s a first person view game offering great visual effects and a realistic gameplay to spend hours of your time.

The Witness is available on various gaming consoles including the PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac, Xbox One and now it is finally available for the iOS devices which is priced quite low than the other editions of the consoles. The Witness is available at $39.99 for the above game consoles.

There will be no changes in the actual gameplay for the iOS devices of this game, it packs with the same features and gameplay like the other platforms so you will get the same environment to explore in order to solve the given puzzles in your own style of gaming. Since iPhone and iPad don’t have any remote controls to play the game, the game has some changes to the control scheme which you can easily learn by your own.

Since, Apple has already changed the overall look of its App Store app with the launch of the iOS 11 for over 20 different iOS devices, the new game The Witness is all set to shine in the App Store. Talking about its pricing, it looks quite high as compare to the demand of the actual gamers for the iOS platform. As most of the people are likely to play free games or the games which cost less than $5, however this The Witness is priced at double the actual price of users’ demands, which seems to be a drawback of the developers for this game.

If we talk about the gameplay, you are playing the lead role of the game as the game is based on first person view. You wake up on an Island which is all deserted where there is no any creature available, just you. The gameplay offers panels with Puzzle lines and you have to follow these lines to move ahead. At the one end you would see Island and at the other end, you would see big mountain. You have to make your goal within the area given to you between both the ends. You will learn a lot of things while playing the game by finding out the clues and other useful things which will eventually help you out solving the puzzles of the game.

The publishers have also uploaded and shared an official trailer video of this game which is hitting the iOS platform. Take a look on to the actual gameplay of this new, The Witness game and decide for yourself, whether you should buy it or not?

Other than exploring the wide area of deserts, you will be discovering a lot of things during the gameplay and this is the actual gameplay of this game. Finding out clues in order to completing the given puzzles are the actual gameplay you have to explore within the gameplay. There are over 500 uniquely designed puzzles available as a part of the gameplay and you have to complete them all one by one by showing off your skills.