The reason why Tetris 99 will never be released on Android or iOS

By | February 22, 2019

Tetris 99 is a popular Game for Nintendo’s gaming consoles. The company prefers to design their games for its own consoles. According to sources, the Tetris 99 game won’t be made available to Android or iOS mobile platforms. Yes, you heard that right. We might not be able to play this game on our smartphones.

Nintendo has a limited number of games which are dominating the market. The company has planned to keep their popular Tetris 99 game exclusive to their Switch console only. Apparently, they have no plans to make this game available for any other consoles including the smartphones. The new version of the Tetris game will be the exclusivity to Nintendo’s Switch consoles.

If we talk about Nintendo’s games for mobile phones i.e. for Android and iOS, the numbers are very limited. There are many popular and giant mobile games available for Nintendo’s Switch and mobile platforms including iOS and Android. Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run, Dragalia Lost, Pokemon Quest, Animal Crossing, Dr. Mario World and many other games from Nintendo are available for mobile devices.

This can be the new strategy of makers to keep this game exclusive for Nintendo’s Switch consoles only. This strategy leads to more sales of their consoles as there are gamers who don’t compromise with such games. They will definitely go to buy the new Switch console just to play the exclusive games available for the console.

This strategy makes use believe that there will be no chances of the new Tetris 99 game to be available for Mobile Phones such as Android and iOS.

Nintendo doesn’t make their own titles and they seek help from third-party developers for their games. According to some sources, the company has never communicated with anyone regarding its rights for making it available to mobile phone platforms.

For now, all we can do is wait for the official announcement from the Nintendo. We have seen many such reports in the past of plenty of games which were launched exclusively for a particular platform and then made available for mobile platforms. We hope to see the same game available for mobile phones if they really want to set new benchmarks in the industry.