The new Apple TV 4K will be much powerful

By | September 11, 2017

Apple’s mega event is just a few hours away and we have one more report from the official Apple’s developer and Steve Troughton-Smith who has tweeted about the new Apple TV that would be announced in the event. Apple is going to introduce a number of devices with its new iPhone. As per the new report, the new Apple TV would support 4K resolution and it would be powered by three-core A10 Fusion CPU and 3GB RAM. 

Today’s earlier report has revealed the actual iPhone’s name. There would be no any iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus smartphones, but iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus would be coming in the market. Apart from this, the company is also going to introduce a special iPhone on the 10th Anniversary of its iPhone lineup with, the all new iPhone X. Everything will be unveiled tomorrow in the event.

If we talk about the next generation Apple TV, the new Apple TV would boast a few extraordinary features compare to its predecessor. As per the report, the new TV box from Apple would be called as Apple TV 4K.  The new Apple TV 4K would offer a three-core A10X Fusion processor. Apple’s 2017 iPad Pro models are also running with the same processor so this new Apple TV 4K would be as much powerful as the iPad Pro’s new editions.

Since, Apple TV 4K supports 4K resolution, it would require more power to run the 4K videos from the box to your television. Apart from this, we have some earlier leaks and rumors about this new Apple TV which suggest that the Apple TV would come up with the support of HDR10 and Dolby Vision for HDR video. The device would offer 3,820×2160 pixel of screen resolution out of the box. For 4K video streaming, the device will require minimum 15 mbps of Internet connection to seamlessly watch 4K resolution videos from the box.

Apart from this, the new Apple TV 4K would come up with a number of preinstalled applications. It would support Amazon’s Prime Video app as well. So you can watch Amazon Prime shows right from the new Apple TV. Amazon’s Prime video app has a large number of 4K and HDR contents to offer more entertainment. Additionally, Apple may redesign a whole new remote control for the new Apple TV 4K. Current users have found some issues with the remote control and for that reason, the new generation of Apple TV would come up with even more powerful and new designed remote control to control various things.

Apple may reduce the price tag for this new Apple TV 4K as the competition is very high and the giant has to offer something new so people can stick to its services. Since people are eyeing on the new HomePod Mini Smart Speaker which would be launched in the event, the new Apple TV 4K would be integrated with this HomePod so you can connect it with the TV to seamlessly enjoy the music wirelessly.

Apple’s mega event will take place on September 12. If you are a big Apple fan and want to witness the entire event live, you can watch Apple event live on your PC and smartphone as well.