The Cleaner Android app : Speed up your Android smartphone


The cleaner Android app is developed by Mirmay limited, is the app which cleans and speeds up your Android device. From recent years smartphones has became part of our life and plays significant role. Smartphones were used to perform out daily tasks, so we need to concern about our smartphone and to be taken care of.

Some times your smartphones may be running slow and that time we fell irritated. Not only in this case some times an app crush due to the insufficient memory and some times multi tasking faces some problems. There are so many reasons behind why your device is running slowly like RAM is used by some background tasks, app cache by some other apps.

The Cleaner app is the one solution for all these problems. It cleans your device storage, frees some storage and speed up your Android device with in few seconds. It will clean up the redundant files, frees up some memory, clean up your device RAM. It helps your apps and games to run faster.



  • Frees the device memory, delete the junk memory (cache, APK files, SD card)
  • Free RAM memory, speed up your Android device by killing background tasks.
  • Improve your battery life by killing the redundant tasks.
  • You can customize interface with your favorite themes.
  • Ability to schedule the maintenance tasks automatically and helps your device running fast.
  • Simple widgets on the home screen lets you to quickly boost the performance of your device.

How to use

  • Download and Install The Cleaner app fro Google Play Store and is available for free.
  • After installing launch the app on your Android device.
  • Now tap on the button Analyze and it will show the report.
  • After this tap on the clean button, it will clean your device and improves your device performance.