Terraria for Windows Phone now available with Xbox Live support


Terraria has finally launched for Windows Phone with Xbox Live support. Terraira is the critically acclaimed Sandbox adventurous game for PC and it has made its round across all the mobile platforms and today it arrived for Windows Phone. Players now can pick up their favorite mobile device, boot up Terraria and explore the numerous biomes, as well as travel to the edges of the world and destroy enraged the bosses.


Here are the features included in the mobile port,

  • 25+ Block types to build anything that you can image
  • 300+ Crafting recipes – armor, weapons, potions and more
  • 8+ Bosses
  • 80+ monsters
  • Dynamic water and lava, day/night cycles
  • More than dozen environments to explore
  • More than 10 NPCs to meet and recruit to your home
  • Kill the wall of flesh and change your world to Hard mode! experience new biomes and enemies.
  • Use the Pwnhammer to destroy Demon Altars and create new ores
  • Xbox live leader boards and achievements

Each and every pixel of Terraria has been crafted for the best mobile experience and includes the brand new touch controls. Terraria is an exciting adventurous game, mixed with some RPG elements, action and even some teamplay and the simulation through building. It is not available for free, you need to buy it for $4.99. Although it is a paid app, it is a good deal. Follow the link below to get the Terraria to your Windows Phone.

Download Terraria for Windows Phone