Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” won’t be on streaming services for the first week


Taylor Swift’s new music album “Reputation” is taking off its curtains on November 10th in the global market, however you won’t be listening to the original Reputation album on the same launch date on Spotify or on any other platform with which you are most familiar with. As per the reports, Taylor Swift has decided something different to increase the sales. 

During the first week after its official announcement, the Reputation Album will be there as off streaming service. In order to listening to the latest Album of Taylor Swift you have to purchase it from various stores and you will be able to get the first voice of this album.

As per the latest talks and reports, most of the online streaming services are in talks with the artist and her team to negotiate the money and the actual number of its sales. They are still not available to get the exact dates of availability for the Reputation album launch.

Since people are more into digital world, there are plenty of online streaming services available from where you can instantly buy music and albums and can start listening to the latest songs and tracks of the popular artists from around the world. This is the right time for Taylor Swift to showcase her stardom as her demands are high from this album for which she has taken a complete different step, at least for the first week of the new Album.

In a statement she wrote, “It’s my opinion that music should not be free.” In the year 2014, she has removed the entire catalog of music and albums from Spotify due to unpaid money and some other minor issues related to payments and all. For the very same reason, Taylor has becoming the first artist to come up with this new old-age era to sell out her latest album.

Earlier this year, Swift has allowed the online streamers to access the entire music catalog back for the users on major online streaming platforms. She still believes that online streaming on such albums and tracks affect on the actual sales and hence the overall income for the album.

There are many other artists who had also removed the online streaming catalog from the online streaming platforms as an act of protest against the number of sales of their albums in the real world. If they wouldn’t make the albums available on such online streaming platforms, the sales of their albums might be high and for that reason, they have removed the access of their albums and other services from various online streaming platforms.

Taylor Swift has impacted big on the Spotify platform. This act of protest against the online streamers, especially on Spotify has affected very deeply. For the very same thing, Spotify has wrote a letter with the personal appeal to make the free streaming for Universal artists limited. This will definitely improves the overall sales of the new albums from the big artists. Since people are more into Business nowadays, such minor things can affect very high to the overall Business and for the very same reason, Taylor Swift and her core team denies to make the Reputation album available from the launch date. The album will be released to the Online Streamers after a week’s time.

Some reports say that, Spotify and other rivals of it are in talks with Taylor and her core team. They are still asking for the actual dates to make her new Reputation Album available for the users. However, they are still not coming up with the exact dates. We have to wait for some time to see some official announcements by Taylor Swift. For more updates, stay tuned with us!