T-Mobile will soon release the Android Oreo update for Five LG Smartphones


LG users in the United States who are using the T-Mobile’s network will soon get an official Android Oreo update. Yes, T-Mobile has officially announced that the new Android Oreo update for five different LG smartphones will be rolled out very soon. The LG G5, LG G6, LG V20, LG V30 and V30+ smartphones will receive this update in the United States by T-Mobile. 

LG Electronics is not doing well in the smartphones industry as the company is somehow not competing against the other giants of the world. The company has not announced any new smartphone during the Mobile World Congress 2018 which was held in last month in Barcelona, Spain.

However, those of you who are using any of the above mentioned LG’s smartphones on T-Mobile’s network, will soon receive the latest and much awaited Android Oreo update.

As per their official listing, “T-Mobile and the device manufacturer have agreed to support a new software update”. The current version mentioned on the website is “Manufacturer Development: Version 8.0 Oreo.” Interestingly, all the above mentioned devices will get the same update simultaneously, as mentioned by the official listing.

LG has announced its LG G5 smartphone almost two years back. Fortunately, the LG G5 is also in the list to receive the new Android Oreo update which is indeed a good thing from the giant.

Since the listing includes the LG G5 smartphone, it is likely to get the Android Oreo update. However, there is no any confirmation on the same. The company might even launch just the software update and not the new Android version for the same device as it is much older to work with the latest Android Oreo operating system.

Sadly, there is no much information about this update available at this moment with us. We are not sure when this update will be released and for which smartphone. However, the company will soon come up with some official statement regarding the same and we would like to see some of its information in the coming days very soon.

Apart from this, the giant seems to be working on a new smartphone called LG G7. Yes, the successor edition of LG G6 smartphone is coming very soon as we have seen a bunch of leaked images or we can say concept images of this smartphone yesterday. The giant has also announced the new LG X4 smartphone which comes with LG Pay as default payment service. LG X4 was launched in the mid-range category in the South Korean market. We hope to see the flagship phone by LG Electronics in the market very soon.