T-Mobile & Sprint are said to be close to a merger worth $26 billion

By | April 28, 2018

The two popular wireless carriers in the United States, T-Mobile and Sprint are finally agreeing on a merger. According to reports, the two carriers are said to be close to a merger worth $26 Billion. The deal will be done as early as this Monday. 

The companies were bargaining for the same merger twice a few months back and now their expectations are finally taking the right shape as the insider’s report have just come in and the carriers are all set to close to a merger now!

If the deal sets in, then the new merger will directly have over 127 Million users. The number is large enough to give tough competition against the two popular carriers, Verizon and At&T. Verizon and At&T are currently dominating the Wireless network market. At presently, there are four major carriers in the United States including At&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. After merging up together, there would be total three carriers in the United States to cover up the entire US American Wireless Industry.

A deal would be a beneficial for both the giants as they would focus on retaining their customers the new plans. Since both the giants are merging up, there would be over 127 Million of total customers who would be using the plans. The giants would build up next generation wireless networks.

At presently, cellular providers are aiming to come with 5G connectivity. For the very same reason, the networks are aiming high to spend in billions to setup their 5G networks around the country.

At presently, Sprint has over $32 Billion in debt in the books. While on the other hand, T-Mobile generates a small fraction of the cash. In the coming days, the giants would definitely come up with more cheaper plans to gain more eyeballs. More users would attract to this network and they would soon start generation revenues.

A merger would face a major challenge from U.S. regulators in the coming days to setup things out. Since the negotiations are private, the merger deal would end up as soon as this Sunday or Monday.

If the deal sets in, it would conclude several years of negations. Both the carriers were on the same bargaining table to merge up together to provide new environment for the consumers within the country. And finally their efforts are taking shape.

Executives from Sprint and T-Mobile declined to comment on this merger deal, however many other sources have reported the same thing. We would be happy to see both the giants merge together and come up with their plans very soon!