T-Mobile-Sprint merger officially announced

By | April 30, 2018

T-Mobile and Sprint have officially announced their long awaited plans to merge today. And the new company would be called T-Mobile. As reported previously, the merger is worth $26 Billion which will combine two of the major carriers of the United States. 

T-Mobile is the third largest carrier and Sprint is the fourth largest carrier in the United States. Well, both these giants are now merging into one private carrier which would be known as T-Mobile.

After this, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere, will remain in charge of the company which is formed after the merger. Furthermore, they have explained how the combined companies will work together to offer the best network to the consumers. T-Mobile will have 30 times the network capacity that it does at presently.

“The combined company will have lower costs, greater economies of scale, and the resources to provide U.S. consumers and businesses with lower prices, better quality, unmatched value, and greater competition,” the announcement post said.

Both the CEOs of T-Mobile and Sprint will be there on-board while conducting the new company. They will be working together for a better network establishments for the consumers of the United States. They have also shared their official video and future plans to setup the 5G networks within the country. You can watch how they have planned it well for the future in the following video.


The 5G deployment is expected to begin by the end of this year. The company will be releasing regular updates on the same in the coming days. Since the first 5G enabled phone is arriving in the year 2019, the companies will setup everything well to come with 5G connectivity for the new premium smartphones.

As a benefit of this particular merger, there will be a lot of new jobs available in various parts of the country. So yes, the merger would bring new jobs for the people of the United States as well. There will be new jobs with call centers and with the 5G deployment in the coming months by the combined companies.

Typically, the companies will start by eliminating the duplicative jobs. After this, they will plan out how to manage the new company as per their requirements. They will come up with their requirements to run the T-Mobile with a better way in the coming days.

The Merger has to go through FCC/FTC approval and after completing this process, the merger would be called an official one. The merger is not yet done. We will come up with more information as more details become available.