T-Mobile to offer free Netflix subscriptions from September 12


Netflix is partnering with T-Mobile and now offering free unlimited subscriptions if you have purchased a T-Mobile device with unlimited data plans. This exclusive partnership designed for the people who have purchased unlimited plans through T-Mobile carrier. Netflix on us is here as the company teased with a poster.

The company has no further plans to expand this, however such offers will definitely boost the users of Netflix and T-Mobile carrier at the same time. If you have got two or more voice lines of T-Mobile One unlimited plan, you will be able to get standard Netflix subscriptions for absolutely free of cost. Yes, you will not be asked to pay anything if you are using this plan from T-Mobile.

This offer will take place from September 12 in the US. To avail this offer, you can go for three different ways. You can activated this offer online through their official websites. Or you can go to their store and can manually register for this. Of you can instantly call to the customer care service.

Furthermore, this free Netflix subscription is currently costed you $9.99 per month. With this plan, you can watch HD channels and other videos on two devices. You can even upgrade this plan to go with 4K videos by paying $11.99 per month instead of $9.99. Which you will get for free with this new T-Mobile and Netflix’s partnership.

This Free Netflix Subscription will be activated till you use T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan. So, there is no time bound for you to use this free subscription as long as you are using the unlimited plan of T-Mobile. If you haven’t purchased any such plans till date, this offer is available for new customers as well. So, you can take instant advantages of this partnership and can avail benefits from this for a longer timer period.

If we talk about the current prices of this plan, T-Mobile is charging you $120 per month for two lines on One plan. And the free Netflix subscription which you will get is of $9.99 per month as we have already mentioned above. So eventually, you will get cut of 10% in the actual subscription. If you have more lines, then this cost will give you more benefits in terms of savings.

Now, what if you want to go with higher plans like 4K streaming and other additional plans? Well, in order to do so, you don’t have to pay the full amount of the new plans. You will have to pay the difference between the free Netflix subscription plan and the one that you are going to avail. So, it is like a win win move for all the customers of T-Mobile and the users of Netflix at the same time.

T-Mobile is indeed a popular carrier int he US, however it has to offer something new to its customers to compete against rivals like Verizon and At&T. For more about this new T-Mobile and Netflix Partnership, you can watch out the official statement video which was uploaded to T-Mobile’s official YouTube channel by the T-Mobile carrier. Here’s the video, take a look now!

Netflix is gradually expanding its business through such moves. Recently, the company has expanded its HDR support service to the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Noe 8 smartphone. And now, this new T-Mobile partnership, this will definitely boost up the business of Netflix in various regions of the United States. Netflix will come up with its new plans and offers for other nations of the world in the coming time. As the officials said, this is the right move at the right time, and they are certainly true about their words.