Synaptics to unveil a phone with under-screen Fingerprint Scanner at CES 2018

By | December 13, 2017

The future of Smartphones look pretty amazing with new innovations in technology. Today, Synaptics new phone leaks with under-screen Fingerprint Scanner. Yes, Biometrics functionality on a phone is taking a complete new place and now the phones would feature the Fingerprint Scanned underneath the display of the phone. 

Synaptics Incorporated is all set to unveil this new phone at the upcoming CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Synaptics is a hardware manufacturer based on San Jose. The company has announced the future plans of the mass production of optical in-display fingerprint sensor. Furthermore, there will be a giant partner of also work with the production of new in-display fingerprint sensor.

Nowadays, all the smartphone manufacturers are coming up with their own bezel-less display phones with an aspect ratio of 18:9. The phones are getting slimmer with handy designs. According to the reports, the new biometric feature would be called Clear ID Scanner. This Clear ID Scanner would be placed under the phone’s display. Hence, there will be more easy to use biometrics access on the phone. You don’t have to keep your finger at the back side to make use of this fingerprint sensor on your phone.

Synaptics Incorporated would not be the only company to produce this type of displays and phones. There will be total five companies involved in this future plans of Biometrics Scanners phones and displays. Other smartphone manufacturers may also order the displays to develop their own future phones. However, the company has not revealed anything about selling their new displays to other giants as of now.

Furthermore, the company has described a few useful features of this new Clear ID Scanner feature. Yes, you guessed it right, the new Clear ID Scanner would work just like Apple’s new Face ID feature. The new Clear ID Scanner would be more powerful than the original Face ID feature and would offer the best of functionality and performance on your phone with added security.

As per the official statement, “Synaptics’ Clear ID performance is twice as fast as 3D facial recognition.” Further, the Clear ID would require only one touch to access your smartphone .

The new Clear ID Scanner will only work with the OLED displays, however you have to first activate this feature on your phone. The company also claims that this new feature would work with different layers on the front panel. The phone would carry a 1.5mm thick display with glass protector, the cover glass and the original OLED display.

The same feature may announce by a couple of giants in the same CES 2018 event. The other giants may also be working on the same displays having the fingerprint scanner underneath the main display of the phone. Vivo is also planning to come up with something like this with the next generation phone. South Korean giant, Samsung is also planning to release its Galaxy S9 smartphones with all the innovative features on the Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S9 Mini.

The upcoming CES 2018 would be amazing as many technology giants and smartphones manufacturers will reveal their most amazing technology gadgets with innovative features in the event. They all will showcase the future of technology in the event.

Of course, Apple’s Face ID is the most advanced security features in the world, however not all iPhone X users are happy with this feature. Some of them don’t like it from the core and they have to enter the password to unlock their phone many times. So this new Clear ID fingerprint sensor would be the best alternative to the original Face ID which would change the entire Smartphones industry.

If you are interested in technology updates and innovations, stay tuned with us as we will keep an eye on every single update of CES 2018.