Surface Pro 3 Gets Small Schedule Firmware Updates


The software giant Microsoft has released some updates for its Surface Pro 3 tablets.  It is a new, but small, firmware update for its Surface Pro 3 tablets,  a week after it released a larger update for the 12 inch Windows 8.1 device during “Patch Tuesday.

surface pro 3

In this update only one thing that is mentioned that  on the Surface update history page for this update is this: “Surface Pro UEFI (v3.9.150.0) comes with some new features, such as the display BIOS password state and asset tag information, as well as in this update  improving boot time in some scenarios.” is changed  with some improvements for better productivity  purpose.

Whereas on the other side  few days the tech giant is also rolls out the August Update for its Windows 8.1 operating system for its laptops and PC’s user, but many of the users are getting trouble after this manual update, then the OS king has released a statement, in which they said that they are working in this error, and those users who are already install these updates, they might be uninstall these updates- to go the registry setting of the Windows, which we already discussed in our previous  article.