Why do we still love the iconic Nokia 3310?


Well, Nokia has recently announced the most popular first generation smartphone, Nokia 3310. I’m sure, you are very well aware about this phone as this was the only phone in the market for everyone.  Since Nokia has announced the relaunch of this Nokia 3310 smartphone in the tech market, all the Nokia fans are looking forward to get a glimpse of the new generation of Nokia 3310 smartphone. Well, there are many reasons why we still can’t forget this device. If you too are relate to this, we’ve enlisted some of the coolest things of this device which we just can’t forget. 

Nokia 3310 is also known as the most iconic tech gadgets of all time. The rumored price for this device is around 4000 INR. The price tag is quite affordable for everyone. The reason why we can’t forget this iconic device is it’s long battery life and unbreakable body. Even if we throw the phone away, it’ll remain the same as previous. Following list of the reasons will make you relive those golden days back.

We do we still love the iconic Nokia 3310?

1. Long Battery Life

Unlike all the other smartphones available in the market, the old Nokia 3310 has only a few features which were only made for phone calling. There were indeed some basic games and other tunes available in the phone which gives you more power to use the phone. Well, we can expect the same battery life in the new generation of this new Nokia 3310 smartphone.

2. Tough Design

Nokia was known for the durability of its devices. Nokia 3310 was the most toughest phone with super durability, reliability, and simplicity. The phone never required you to attach a screen guard to protect the screen. You don’t have to even worry about the fall down of the phone with the tough design.

3. Different colours

The Nokia 3310 was available in six different colours which one can easily choose and buy at an affordable price tag. You can even buy the back covers additionally to change them as you like.

4. Addictive Games

Unlike the smartphone games, Nokia 3310 was offering the retro style games and the Snake was the most popular one. Still we can’t forget how cool this game was at that time.

5. Customize Ringtones

Nokia 3310 had a feature to set up your own ringtone. You can customize the ringtone as you like to bring out the creativity within you. You can then put this ringtone for calls in your phone.

So folks, these were some of the coolest features inside the Nokia 3310 which we still can’t forget about. Since the generation has completely changed and there’s a tough competition in the mobile phone’s market, Nokia 3310 will surely give us all a set of extraordinary features to cherish the new era. Stay tuned with us for the official updates of the iconic Nokia 3310 smartphone.