SteamVR games available in Windows Mixed Reality


Windows Mixed Reality platform is going to start support for SteamVR games. Yes, if you’ve been using Windows Mixed Reality console for a long time and want to explore more from it, then SteamVR is going to offer full support for the original Windows Mixed Reality platform. 

In addition to this announcement, SteamVR games have already started supporting Windows Mixed Reality for the developers with its preview program. Developers are currently testing out the games on their respective Windows Mixed Reality consoles to offer the best of gaming experience of the real SteamVR games.

This SteamVR Preview Program is currently available for the Windows 10 and five different types of Mixed Reality head-mounted displays. This is something exciting for all the Windows Mixed Reality people and of course the latest Windows 10 users who have been using the Windows 10 OS on their Windows PCs.

The original SteamVR support will take place from November 15th i.e. from next week. As per the official announcement, the original SteamVR Preview Program will kickstart from November 15th, which would allows users of VR Headset to test out their games before Microsoft’s finalisation on the original software.

The technology is quite advanced as it will bridge the headsets over to games from the original steam store. This is how both the platforms can work together and offer users a memorable experience of the games.

If we talk about the current scenario, Windows Mixed Reality headset owners have limited access of the apps and games from the official Windows store. They can get full access of over 60 apps and games only from the Windows store which is a limited number.

Just like other platforms, it is essential for both the platforms to come up with the preview offer for the developers and for the testers as well. This is how they can come up with the final thoughts of the users to fix the bugs and to come up with a clean and smoother version of this Windows Mixed Reality platform for the world’s people.

Many of the Windows Mixed Reality headset owners have been asking for the expansion of their apps and games. As Windows Mixed Reality owners have limited access of around 60 apps and games from the official store. They are always in need of new apps and games as they also eagerly want to explore more apps and games for the advanced digital world. By this new announcement of SteamVR support, they are filling happy as they would get to play new games from a new platform.

Sadly, Microsoft has not revealed the exact dates of its availability. However, they have released the beta program or we can say SteamVR Preview Program for the developers and other testers. They are current testing the games on both the devices to fix the bugs available in the games. They will soon release the final stable version for the official announcement.

Apart from this, as per the latest reports, Apple is currently working for their own Augmented Reality Headset making the world more curious towards the new technology. The Pokemon Go publishers have also announced a new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite with AR, so the world’s changing slowly towards new technology of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality both. We would get to see a new world of gaming in the coming days.

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