Start earning money with Bubblews social network


Bubblews is a brand new approach to the traditional social networking exemplary. They believe that the experiences, opinions, thoughts, and life-changing events (news, top stories) of a person around the globe are some of the most interesting and powerful content. According to this service, people should be rewarded for this type of information that they share on social networks, and the people they are able to attract because of it.



Bubbles Social Network is developing how the world treats social networks by building opportunities and connecting people across the world in order to make a self-assisting system, rather than creating a business that only helps a few.

First you need to register to this social media to be able to post something that seems interesting or influencive people out there you are connected in. Once you registered you will see there is $1 added to your account, you can only redeem when it cross the $50 mark via your PayPal account.

After the redemption has been completed, you will be notified with the approximate date that your redemption will arrive. It may take up to 30 days from when you click redeem to receive your payment.

Here are some tips that might help you to earn more from this website,

  • Write about things that you feel really passionate about
  • Utilize the search function to browse content that interests you
  • Provide interesting comments to other member’s posts
  • Use +tags within your content to be aggregated with similar people
  • Post at least three times per day
  • Be active at different times of the day
  • Check who some of the veteran members are following


In order to be eligible for redemption of the amount, here are some strict rules you have to follow:

  • Do not post images that you did not take yourself or have permission to use.
  • Do not post obscene, defamatory, or (semi-)pornographic content or images.
  • Do not create ‘like’ farms or utilize tools, bots, scripts or other people to artificially inflate your statistics.
  • If you need a high quality image for your post, but cannot find one, be sure to use our Pixabay free-photo search or choose a color.
  • Do not submit content that you did not write yourself. This is plagiarizing, and considered stealing.

So if it seems inspiring and interesting way to earn money then visit this Bubblews social network, and follow the same as I have mentioned here in this post. Just after knowing about this social service I created one my profile there, but sadly, there isn’t any post because of lack of time, but I am sure I will start doing this very soon. Profile Link.