Spotify is testing voice search control within its app

By | March 15, 2018

Spotify is testing out a new Voice Search Control for the users of its Application. Spotify is world’s best online music streaming platform which has millions of its subscribers from around the world. Spotify adds new Voice Search Interface which lets the user speak what they want to listen to within the app. 

According to official Spokesperson of Spotify, they are just testing this new feature on the platform for now and is not publicly available at this moment. So yes, they would soon bring the new Voice Search Feature on the platform to simplify the way of searching the music on the platform for the subscribers.

The new Voice Search Interface feature is currently made available to a few users of the Platform around the country for testing purpose. They have given the permission as testers of this new feature and they will come up with their feedback regarding the feature. The giant will then make this feature publicly available for other subscribers.

TechCrunch has officially confirmed this feature by reaching out the developers of this application and they have confirmed the same thing. They have even released a test demo of this new voice search feature on the Spotify. You can check out the video of this new feature from here.

Interestingly, the new feature has the ability to find out or to search for different types of music with different ways using the same Search Voice Interface. They can simply use different commands to make the app working and the app will present you an appropriate list of music as per your requirements.

This new Voice Search control is indeed a great feature for all the users of the Spotify app as it makes the UI of the application much easier. You can simply play the music of your own choice without touching the device by giving the voice commands. The feature also works while wearing the microphones.

The Voice Search Interface on Spotify app was first noticed by Hunter Owens who took to twitter with a testing screenshot of this application. As per his tweet, “I spy @Spotify laying the foundation for a smart speaker…” The tweet includes a couple of screenshot about this new feature on the app. You can see the official tweet made by him from here as an embedded tweet.

With this new feature, you would be able to find out music, a playlist, a song, or discovering music with the use of your own voice commands. Isn’t it great?

According to market’s insiders, Spotify may introduce their own smart speaker which would be equipped with Spotify application and the company’s own Voice Search Interface on it. The new Smart Speaker from Spotify could be a special device for the music lovers out there who would be able to make the most of this device by listening to their favourite music and tracks on the go without touching it.

When it comes to compatibility, Google’s Home Smart Speaker and Amazon’s Echo smart speakers are compatible with the Spotify application to play the music using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant. However, in future, we may get to see Spotify’s own assistant specially designed for the music.