Spotify reaches 70 Million Paying Subscribers

By | January 7, 2018

Spotify is world’s most popular music streaming service which is widely available for all types of mobile platforms. Today, the giant has crossed over 70 Million paying subscribers. The giant has shared this information on a popular microblogging site, Twitter with a Tweet. 

Earlier, the company has shared the information about reaching out 60 Million subscribers which has now crossed over 70 Million subscribers’ mark in a very less period of time. In the last June month, the company has declared that they have reached over 140 Million active users on the platform. We are unable to fetch the current total number of its users as the giant has not declared anything yet. You can find out the official Tweet made by the Spotify from here.

Spotify is gradually expanding its wings to various markets around the world. The giant is actively working in over 61 markets with a huge number of its subscribers. The music streamer offers over 2 Billion playlists for different types of users with over 30 million songs as reported by GSMArena.

If you are a complete music freak and addicted to listening to different types of music, you can explore a wide range of music once you subscribe. You can even explore some free music on the platform as well. The app works with an advanced algorithm which works beautifully to get the users what they want in just a few moments. You don’t have to worry about anything as you can instantly search for your favourite music just by hitting the Search option on the home page.

Of course, if you choose the premium service, you will get extra benefits from the giant. If you subscribe by paying, you would get a complete fresh User Interface of the app without the annoying advertisements. Yes, you don’t see any advertisings on your app if you have paid to the app as a premium customer. Once you subscribe, you will be eligible to explore the premium services offered by the giant for the music freaks out there.

There are even more benefits for the paid subscribers. You can also get the songs downloaded as offline. The giant allows you to keep over 10,000 songs as offline songs. You can listening to these songs when there is no any connectivity of the Internet available. First, you have to download the songs from the Platform and it will be right there in the download section of the app. If you find no connectivity there, you can simply explore these downloaded songs from the Download section of the app.

Fortunately, you can even change the songs quality as per your data limit. You can download the songs with different quality and this is how you will be able to get quality of music. These are a few reasons why you should get the paid services or we can say premium services of an app. Spotify offers an excellent user interface with almost all types of music for everyone, which is the reason why people around the world are loving this platform.

If we talk about the current value of this platform, as per the previous year’s data, Spotify was valued at $19 billion. The company has not shared the latest information about its valuation and current active number of its users.

Apart from this, Spotify has also shared some information about the future planning. The giant is going to become an IPO later this year, so achieving this milestone is like a very good news for them. In the future, the number of users of this service will definitely increase as the number of smartphones users are massively increasing day by day.

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