The SpaceX Spacesuit finally got revealed by Elon Musk


    The Astronauts that are working for the SpaceX has a new addition in their bags. Whoever is meant to travel in the Dragon Capsule of Elon Musk can now wear white and black spacesuits that are form fitting and the ones that share a lot of resemblance to the forebearers of NASA. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX has revealed the spacesuit on August 23rd. This spacesuit is said to be a pivotal development for the astronauts to launch the missions to travel to and from the International space station.

    He has chosen to offer only fewer details about the space suit in his Instagram post with a caption saying, “More in the days to follow” along with a brief message. The billionaire is an inspiration to millions, as he started ventures in different fields. The spacesuit that has been launched is believed to be functional and is also tested against the pressure loss under the isolated space environment.