Sony’s Smart Glass Can Be Used For Sports And Work


Sony has announced its own plans to enter the smart glass market. Their smart glass will be revealed at the CES next month. It is in the form of a Single Lens Display Module and can be attached to existing glasses which will help add a heads-up display.

sony smartglass

Sony Smart Glass has a clip that fastens around the users head, attaching it to glasses’ temples. Sony is also reported to be working on a Software Development Kit that will allow people to make hands-free applications. Sony is confident that its Smart Glass will prove to be ideal for offices and factories. There is also an option to add a high quality action camera, which will make it easier to check the angle of view.

This device doesn’t have its own camera though. According to Sony, the camera has been left out because of reasons pertaining to size and weight. It does have an accelerator and an electronic compass in there as well. Sony said that more details about the device’s communication abilities will be released along with the Software Development Kit.

The module packs in a 0.23 inch OLED display, which has a resolution of 640×400 pixels. This resolution is slightly higher than that of Google Glass (640×360 pixels). According to Sony, it will be like looking at a 16 inch display from a distance of not more than 200 meters. We can deduce that it won’t impede the users field of vision as much as Google’s Glass. It has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and the response time is an impressive 0.01 milliseconds.

sony smart glass
View from the Sony Smart Glass.

If reports are to be believed Google are also planning to turn to OLED technology for the next generation of its Google Glass. At the heart of Sony’s module is an ARM Cortex-A7 processor. This the same energy efficient processor that is housed in Android Wear devices. It comes with 400mAh battery. Bluetooth version is 3.0 and the Wi-Fi frequency is 802.11m/g/n. The whole device weighs around 40 grams, which is couple of grams lighter than the Google Glass.

We are all eagerly waiting for the final product, and the hope is that the finished product will not be as bulky as the prototype. There is only one thing that Sony needs to take care of before entering the smart glass market and that is pricing.