Sony’s PS5 Release Date and Controller Details Announced

By | October 12, 2019

If you are a professional game and have been looking for some news on Sony’s upcoming console, then here’s some goods news for you. Sony has officially confirmed the launch window for its new generation gaming console i.e. Sony PlayStation 5. 

According to official blog post and its update, the company has decided to release the new PlayStation 5 console at the end of the year 2020. Along with the main PS5 console, the company has also planned to launch a brand new controller for the console.

Yes, you heard that right. There will be a brand new Controller for the PS5 console user which is also slated to be released alongside the main console, the blost post reads.

The official name for the PS5 Controller is not yet revealed. All they have listed in the blog post is its availability only. We are also not able to fetch the pricing details for the PS5 as they didn’t mention about it.

At presently, the PS4 compatible controller DualShock 4 is running in the market. So the next generation controller might be called as DualShock 5, official confirmation has not beed made on the name of the controller as of now.

In this post, we have gathered everything that we know so far about the PS5 and its controller. Let’s get on to the details now!

Sony PlayStation 5 Controller Details

According to previous leaks and information, the new Controller for Sony’s PS5 will be replacing the rumbler technology of DualShock 4 with a haptic feedback. During the in-game events, the controller’s rumble technology makes it vibrate a lot.

The company plans to eliminate the vibration by replacing the technology used to control the characters and play in-game events smoothly.

Apart from the new technology, the Controller of the PS5 will also feature new adaptive triggers. These adaptive triggers will be incorporated with the main trigger buttons. These triggers will help the developers to develop more stimulative games for the PS5 consoles in the near future.

As mentioned previously, the new PS5 controller has been confirmed by the company itself. What we don’t know about it are its real name and its actual pricing details.

Sony PS5 Preorders Now Open

Surprisingly, the preorders for the PS5 is already live now. Netherlands’ retailer has started accepting the preorders for Sony’s PS5 console. You can preorder for PS5 for $50. If the game doesn’t launch there, the users will get full money refund.

Sony PlayStation 5: Release Date and Pricing Details

Sony PlayStation 5 is set to release at the end of the year 2020. The PS5’s latest Controller will also be announced alongside and there will be no extra event for that.

The pricing details of the main console and its controller are yet to be revealed. The console will land between the Holiday months in the year 2020 i.e. October to December 2020.

If we compare the pricing of the new Controller with the existing controller for the Ps4 console, then we could expect it to be priced around $70 in the global market. The existing controller is sold at $50. So the newer edition would be a little more expensive that we believe.

More information on the pricing details and its features will be revealed soon. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the PlayStation 5 and its controller.