Sony launches contract-free PlayStation Vue TV service in three cities


Sony Corporation just joined the club along with other tech companies to create cable alternatives. This Wednesday, Sony rolled out its online television service called PlayStation Vue. When the Internet was busy with Apple and its rumors on TV service, Sony quietly used the opportunity to launch their service without any extra hype.

Sony playstation vue

PlayStation Vue is a non-contract cable based service that works across major Sony platforms like PS4 and PS3 and is soon to be available on the iPad. It offers DVR-like service. Also, it does not take any hard drive space on the consoles is a good thing about it. As gamers are already facing problem managing the 500GB hard drive they are provided with PS4.

Through Vue customer get to watch both on-demand programs and live television and more than 80 channels are offered through the service. The starter pack includes NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MTV and many more for $50 per month. For $70 a month, the pack consists of 26 extra channels including Logo, Sprout and FXM. But ABC, The Walt Disney Company and ESPN would not be available through Vue.

The Vue services would be available for owners of the above mentioned devices in Philadelphia, New York and Chicago. Reports say that the Sony Corp is trying to make a mark before expanding it further. The USP the company plans to offer is to allow the viewers to enjoy their favorite TV anytime they want. Also, it allows the customers to skip the commercials and pause/resume their favorite program as they wish. But to make use of the features of Vue, it is important to have their own connection of at least 10MB.

Sony’s Vue is the first of its kind to launch something similar to the cable packages. Last February, DISH Network Corp launched Sling TV, a streaming service for $20 that includes 17 channels. As more and more people continue to cancel their cable packages, more and more companies come forward to launch streaming service. Currently, three most popular streaming services are Netflix, Hulu and Prime and most people switch from cable to one of the three services for their entertainment needs.

Playstation Vue has been following a competitive price model and has not tried to price its service in comparison with other cable providers. The cheapest service is priced $49.99 and includes more than 50 popular channels. Followed by is the $59.99 pack which adds on local sports channels and then comes the expensive channel at $69.99 that includes additional lifestyle and music channels.

The best feature of Playstation Vue is that it is contract free and the users can let the contract expire after using it for a month or when they want to cancel the service. This permits the users  the ability to buy cable only when the favorite shows are being screened and un-subscribe it later.