Sony 3D Creator gives you an impeccable Artificial Reality

By | September 1, 2017

People have been excited after the IFA, Belin to buy the new mobile division of Sony irrespective of its efforts to withstand in the competitive market. Sony has been out of the talk for a greater while now and people stopped caring about the device. Even with the new devices Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact; Sony hasn’t evolved from the stuff that Sony has made five years back. The specifications are so common and can only turn out into a shrug if you go deep.

The cameras, on the other hand, are the biggest problem encountered by Sony despite having the greatest imaging sensors.  While we were frustrated with what Sony has been doing, the recent Sony 3D Creator app that contained the augmented reality has taken the cynical souls, extremely happy.

Sony 3D Creator

Augmented reality has been a kind of gimmick that is almost useless and poorly implemented till now. The Sony has come up with a 3D scanner which is detailed and accurate revealing the professionality of Sony, attached with the Android hardware. The app has been made mind blowing with the Apple’s ARKit which has proven things to be exciting in the large part as you don’t need any special equipment as well. While the unappealing Augmented Reality apps are being still updated while the Sony 3D creator helps you in creating avatars of friends, family and the colleagues around you.