‘Solar Flow’ outstrips conventional batteries


The first ever aqueous-flow battery with solar proficiency that preserves 20% of energy savings over conventional batteries by compiling a solar cell and a battery to a single mechanism designed by the Ohio researchers.

The solar panel is on top of the battery and it is made up of solar sheet and unlike the previous design which was made up of a mesh on top of the battery. The 20% energy savings attains from the direct sunlight which seizures through the solar panel which is built on top of the battery says Yiying Wu, Prof. of chemistry and biochemistry, Ohio.

The interesting fact about this solar cell battery is that they have a water-based electrolyte flows inside the battery and that is why they are termed as ‘aqueous-flow batteries’. Wu says that ‘the truly important innovation here is that we have positively established aqueous-flow inside our solar battery’.

The Benefits

Solar flow batteries are eco-friendly and well-suited with the current battery technology. It’s easy to integrate with the existing conventional batteries and easy to manage. This would also help along between today’s energy grid and renewable energy sources.

Another advantage of designing this solar-flow battery is that it could convert the grid-scale solar energy and storage; it also generates ‘electrolyte fuel’ which is useful to power the future electric vehicles.

The Ohio researchers aim to enhance the benefaction of solar cells to the conventional batteries by achieving a fully solar-chargeable battery, from 20 % to 100 %.

“Our next step is to really achieve a fully solar-chargeable battery.”