Snapchat introduces iPhone X-exclusive Lenses with TrueDepth-Enhanced AR

By | April 6, 2018

Apple has introduced their new iPhone X with new TrueDepth Camera. And now, Snapchat has introduced new TrueDepth AR Lenses for the iPhone X users. Yes, the new Snapchat TrueDepth AR lenses are exclusively made available for the users of Apple’s premium smartphone, iPhone X. 

These are the exclusive lenses developed for the iPhone X and its all-screen display. Interestingly, the new TrueDepth Lenses feature is already made available from today itself for the iPhone X users. You will see the TrueDepth-enabled Lenses within the Snapchat’s carousel on the iPhone X.

Basically, the new lenses are AR Mask for the iPhone X and these lenses are compatible to work with the full face of the users. Since the cameras on the iPhone X comes with TrueDepth, the new Lenses of Snapchat will look much more real. Yes, it serves a complete realistic experience unlike other such AR based applications for different smartphones.

If we go deeper, the front facing TrueDepth Camera on the iPhone X projects 30,000 infrared dots onto the face of the user. The TrueDepth Camera uses company’s own Facial Recognition technology which records your facial expressions and will work accordingly. Now, Snapchat is also making use of the same Facial Recognition Technology and TrueDepth Camera on the new iPhone X exclusive lenses.

The TrueDepth AR Lenses from Snapchat offers more detailed selfies with 3D objects and it will also follow your face movements in real time. The same will provide you more realistic graphics on to your face and the masks will look more natural compared to other lenses for different devices.

All thanks for Apple’s TrueDepth technology which makes the developers able to create something new amaze the masses. This new lenses will encourage more iPhone X users to make use of the Snapchat environment and this way they will be able to use the Snapchat’s platform for more time.

Currently, there are three different lenses use the TrueDepth technology through the device’s selfie camera. The lenses will use the facial recognition technology which records everything including your Face Movements.

As per Snapchat’s officials, they have tested the TrueDepth Camera on their lenses which would offer more accurate and detailed experience with fun way. You can make use of different masks which you can use within the lenses. The technology reflect and react to ambient lighting and this is how it will project shadows and add highlights to the objects.

At presently, there will be only a few masks available to use within the Snapchat’s carousel. However, in future, the giant will add a bunch of new masks which the users of iPhone X can explore through the Snapchat application. Snapchat showed off how the developers of such popular applications can make use of new technologies. Since, TrueDepth technology is limited to iPhone X only, the feature is exclusive for the owners of this smartphone.

By the passing of time, more manufacturers will acquire this technology to produce their future phones and such impressive features will also be made available for them.

Snapchat application is available for free to download for iPhones and iPads. You can go ahead and grab the updated version of the Snapchat application from the official AppStore‘s page for the iPhone X.