Skype brings new mobile design to Windows and Mac users


Microsoft has officially released the new redesigned version of its Skype applications for Windows and Mac systems. Earlier this month, we have posted about the new mobile interface edition of the Skype is being tested out and today, the giant has released the official Skype version for Windows and Mac users. 

Since people are more into smartphone platform, they were eagerly waiting for the same user interface through the web version of the app. Since the app is getting regular updates with new features and design, this time you will feel like you are using this app on a mobile platform. Just like WhatsApp web, the new Skype app lets you explore everything like the mobile platform.

One of the most interesting features you will notice in this updated version of the Skype app is that you can now change the themes and can customize it according to your needs. To match your preferences, you will be able to choose the right color and background for the application to use through the web version. You can organise the chat as it brings new personalisation options to sort out the chats you made.

Furthermore, you can create your own favourites list where you can put the right contacts to the list and this is how the things will work. It will provide you more interactive options and features to ease the overall interface.

Apart from this, you can get updates of your contacts and other things by visiting the notification panel. Yes, the new web version of this app also brings notification panel which allows you to have the same interface like smartphone. Notification Panel has become more powerful as it will show you all the mentions, messages and other things of your contacts and chats. You can directly jump into the chat where you have received that message or mention by clicking on it from the notification panel.

New Chat Gallery option in the Skype app lets you see all the contents of your contacts easily. With this feature, you will be able to see contacts including shared images and other links with your friends or other contacts. Just click on to the Gallery option and it will show you the contents such as links, media files, images, videos and more just like the WhatsApp Messenger.

Additionally, the new Skype update has cross-device functionality. Just like a few other apps, Skype lets you work with different devices at the same time. It will be able to work with various platforms such as mobile, desktop, Xbox and smart speakers. Recently, Skype got cloud storage support allowing users to upload shared media directly to Cloud without storing them to the mobile. This new cloud integration feature lets you share 300 MB files at the same time. So you can share big files through the Skype app instantly.

Furthermore, Skype has also added add-in functionality for the developers. Developers can test out various third party apps and tools to enhance the overall functionality and user interface of the Skype application for the millions of its users around the globe. You will get more features to this app in future as developers may soon come up with their new ideas and implementation on the original Skype platform.

Recently, Skype for Android has crossed 1 Billion mark on the Play Store which makes us believe that, Skype is not dead yet and the number of its users are increasing day by day. Since Skype offers almost all types of features of an ideal Instant Messaging app, people have started liking this app and they have started using the Skype application back on their respective devices.