Apple’s voice assistant Siri to control Music on Apple TV

By | October 30, 2015


The latest Apple TV that comes with a Siri Powered remote is going to be available in few days,but, it looks like the Cupertino based company is finally ready to join its rival streaming service in offering complete search option to its set top box. Apple will allow universal search option with the help of its voice activated assistant Siri. Currently, Siri can perform search operation on movies and TV shows, but according to the reports of BuzzFeed it will also support Apple Music from next year.

Apple is going to integrate its voice activated assistant Siri to Apple Music on tvOS in early 2016, which will allow Apple Music subscriber to ask Siri to play songs without opening Apple Music app. This means that you can use Siri powered remote for playing any tracks or albums by just asking Siri. You can use Apple’s voice assistant feature for movies right now, for example if you want to watch any action movie, you just have to ask Siri, “Find me some action films”

Currently, Apple Music has more than 6.5 million paid subscribers, who are enjoying millions of tracks. Apple TV is also going to serve as a voice controlled music player from early next year, this makes this set top box a complete media center.