SIM-free iPhone X is now available in the US


Apple’s most amazing iPhone edition, the iPhone X is slowly making its way to the world’s regions after it’s official announcement a few months ago. Today, Apple has officially listed down its unlocked SIM-free iPhone X on their official website in the United States. The unlocked version of this phone can be used by the carrier of your choice and you can switch the carrier anytime as per your desires. 

Apple has silently released the SIM-free phone of the iPhone X smartphone for the US consumers. Many of the US people have been waiting for the unlocked version of the iPhone X smartphone which is finally available to order. The new device on Apple’s official website was first noticed by 9to5 blog and certainly created a huge buzz around the technology market.

The new iPhone X was available from all the four major carriers in the United States. The buying options for iPhone X was available from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon SIM carriers. However, Apple is selling out different versions of the iPhone X through these carriers. For the very same reason, Qualcomm has sued Apple to ban Intel-powered iPhones from a couple of carriers.

If you don’t want to stick with only one carrier and want to explore more of them, you will be able to use different SIM cards on the same phone through the unlocked variant of the phone. If you are a frequent traveller, then the unlocked version is all what you require so that you can use the phone in any country you want without buying a new phone.

In a nutshell, the unlocked SIM-free iPhone X will work with any carrier of your choice so you don’t have to stick to only one wireless carrier. The phone will work Internationally, all it requires from you to insert a compatible SIM card into the given slot so you can simply start using the phone through different carrier in other country.

The unlock SIM-free iPhone will is compatible to run on all CDMA and GSM networks. The phone is currently available in two different color options including Silver or Space Gray.

The iPhone X has broken down all the records in smartphones market as this is the most advanced and highly featured smartphone in the world. The phone is launched with company’s own facial recognition technology feature called, Face ID. This feature is here to offer more security to your device by recognising your phone. Apart from this, it also brings a bunch of new emojis called Animojis. This emojis work with your own facial expressions and it offer fun time to all the users of the iPhone X.

Furthermore, the device has full view display and it offers all the useful sensors at the front panel. The full view display offers an attractive looks and an eye catchy design from all the angels. The phone also features a dual cameras at the back panel which are located at the upper left corner. The dual cameras are placed vertically at the back side. The cameras on the iPhone X are more powerful than any other smartphone available in the world.

iPhone X is has just broken down all the records in South Korean market. The phone gets sold out quickly in all the markets around the world as the demand for the phone is very high and the productions are low which is the reason why you have to wait for a some days to get the device after ordering it from the website.

The iPhone X costs $999 for the 64GB Storage variant and $$1,149 for the 256GB variant. You can make up the right choice to purchase the desired phone from two color options available as of now.

Once you order the phone from the official website, you will get it shipped after December 12. If you are unable to wait for that long and want the device quickly, you can go ahead to its official Apple Stores from your nearby locations to purchase it right away!