ShowBox Not Working – Common Errors / Issues and How to Fix them?


ShowBox is undoubtedly the best and most popular online video streaming app available for Android smartphones. The app has a massive number of its users who love to watch their favourite movies and TV Shows and other popular videos through this app. The app serves a great and smooth User Interface to all the users with easy navigation and more. The app offers plenty of advance features to explore the a whole new world of entertainment. If you are using this app regularly and facing some issues with it, we are here with all the possible solutions with the common errors faced by millions of users. ShowBox Not Working is a major issue and you can get rid of this error by following our solutions listed below. 

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Being world’s most popular entertainment app, ShowBox allows users to get into the whole new environment where they can watch popular TV Shows with full episodes, Hollywood movies and other popular videos in different qualities. User can select the video quality according to the Internet speed. This is not just done, you are also allowed to download your favourite items and stuffs from the app to watch it later on if you are not connected with the Internet.

Before moving any further, we request you to kindly take a look on to the list of its features which are enlisted below. Here we have compiled all the useful features of the ShowBox app which are available on the app for absolutely free. It doesn’t ask you for anything and still you can get all of your favourite movies on your device. Here’s the list of its features!

Features of ShowBox app

  • Simple and light weight app runs smoothly on any Android device
  • Easy to use interface designed for all kinds of people
  • The app doesn’t require any login details such as username or password
  • You don’t need to sign up or register for this app to make use of the app
  • The app doesn’t show any advertisements
  • User can search for any movies or TV Shows with the use of the search option
  • You can watch your selected movie in different qualities
  • Download any of your favourite movies within the app to watch it later
  • The app updates daily and get you the best of new movies
  • Users can filter out the movies according to their taste of movies

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These are the useful features available inside this popular entertainment app, ShowBox. The app is widely popular and has millions of its users around the globe. Following are all the solutions and fixes for the errors faced by thousands of its users.

Error 1 : ‘Video Not Available, Try Another Server’ Error

If you get an error ‘Video Not Available, Try Another Server’ Error on your ShowBox app, you just need to update the existing app with the latest version. Search for the latest version of the ShowBox app and get it updated. If the error still persist, you can roll back to an older version of the app. Find out the older version of the ShowBox app and get it installed on your device. This way you can easily fix this error on your Android smartphone.

Apart from this, you can even select the other server from the screen while watching the video. ShowBox allows you to choose different servers while watching your favourite movies and videos. If one server responds to this error, just tap on to the Server 2. This will probably solve the error and you will be able to watch the movies back on your ShowBox application.

You can even head over to some VPN Applications to use change the server location of your networks. On PlayStore, you will be able to find out a number of VPN applications to do so.

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Error 2 : Showbox Video Playback Error

If you are having an issue with ‘ShowBox Video Playback Error’ on your ShowBox app, then you just need to follow some basic steps.

Step 1 :

Go to your phone’s Settings option and scroll it down till you see Application Manager option.

Step 2 :

Once you see Google Updates or Twitter app, kindly uninstall these apps.

Step 3 :

Once done, go ahead and reboot your smartphone for once.

Step 4 :

The error should be gone.

You can even try for another solution by clearing the cache memory of your ShowBox app. Go to the ShowBox app and clear cache memory of the ShowBox app. This is how you can get rid of most of the errors on your ShowBox application.

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Error 3 : Error while downloading a particular item

Since ShowBox application allows you to download videos and movies within the app, you need to clear the cache memory of the app to solve this error. In order to do so, just follow a few simple steps given below.

Step 1 :

Go to the Settings menu on your phone by tapping on to the Settings option.

Step 2 :

Scroll down and tap on the Applications Manager or Apps option from here.

Step 3 :

Select the ShowBox app and you will be presented a page of the ShowBox application.

Step 4 :

Select Clear Data and then Clear Cache option from here.

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Error 4 : Server Down/Server Unavailable/Cannot Play this Link

This is one of the most common errors in the ShowBox app and there is no any particular solution for this error. To fix this error, you can head over to external VPN apps from the PlayStore. You will find out plenty of VPNs to use on your Android device to fix such server related errors.

Error 5 : Common bugs and their respective Solutions

Step 1 :

Go to Settings menu and select Application Manager or Apps.

Step 2 :

Check for all apps and tap on the Menu icon at the upper side.

Step 3 :

Click on ‘Reset App Preferences’ from here. This will reset all of your apps so you can cut down such common bugs on your applications.

Step 4 :

Once done, reboot your device for once.

You’re done! This is how you can fix common bugs on your ShowBox application while watching your favourite movies and TV Shows. Apart from this, you can always go ahead for clearing the data and cache memory of your ShowBox app. This is the best way to get rid of common errors. If all of the above solutions don’t work with you, you can uninstall the existing ShowBox app and can find out the latest version of the app and can install it on your device. Sometimes, the app doesn’t sync with the current Android Operating System and for this reason, you have to install the latest version of such apps.

So folks, these were all the common errors and their respective solutions while using the popular ShowBox app. If you have anything to share, don’t forget to let us know by using the comments section given below this post. We’d be happy to interact with you. Stay tuned with us for more such useful updates!