Shipbob, Chicago’s Logistics startup raises $4 Million


Shipbob, Chicago based Logistics startup helping the small businesses and sole entrepreneurs to pack and ship their products, has raised $4 million in Series A round. The investment round was led by Hyde Park Venture Partners.

Speaking on the development, Divey Gulati, Co-Founder Shipbob, said that the merchants can sell on any of their preferred channels including the online eCommerce sites or their own portals. Shipbob helps them store their inventory and whenever there is an order, the startup packs it and ships to the destination. He claimed that using their service, a successful business can save upto 20-25% of the shipment charges.

Some of the other services provided by Shipbob include packaging design help for the customers. It also helps the businesses source the packaging material from the wholesalers. It charges on subscription basis from the customers along with the discounted charge of the postage. At some locations, it also picks up the inventory from the store.

Ira Weiss, Founder – Hyde Park Venture Partner, said that the expectations from Shipbob is to launch at least 5 more warehouses in different US cities and hire more talent.

Another aspect where Shipbob is providing services is the crowdfunding scenario. Divey commented that the individuals who raise money through crowdfunding platforms, need to send their orders to the backers and affordable solutions by Shipbob come in handy.