How to Share WiFi Network With QR Code on iOS 11

By | October 14, 2017

Apple has released its much awaited and the next edition of its iOS with iOS 11 on September 19th. The giant has released this iOS update to over 20 different iOS devices including the new iPhones. New iOS brings a whole new User Interface with a bunch of extra features to explore within your iOS device. Today, we would guide you on how you can share WiFi Network with QR Code on iOS 11. Following guidelines will help you to connect with WiFi networks just by scanning the QR Code. 

If you have already upgraded your iOS device with this latest iOS 11 update, you can easily create a WiFi HotSpot on your newly upgraded iOS device by following a few simple steps given in the tutorial. If you wish to connect to a new WiFi network with a QR code, Apple now supports this facility as well so you can easily connect with a desired network by scanning a QR code to make use of the web world.

The process is pretty simple and it will not ask users to enter a Password or something. Just scan a QR code and you will be connected to a network instantly. The only thing you will need is a iOS 11 QR Scanning camera for scanning the QR Code. Just scan Router’s QR Code within the phone’s Native Camera app and you will be directly connected with the network.

QR Code Reader feature comes as a built in feature in the iOS 11’s Camera app. The reader helps users to launch a particular apps and websites just by scanning the codes. With a proper banner notification, you will be able to connect your device once you scan the QR Code from the WiFi Router. Once you see a notification on the display, just tap on to it and the connection process will itself starts.

With this new feature, you can easily share WiFi credentials with QR Code. Your friends can even join your network with the QR Code from the app.

In order to do so, make sure to visit any QR Code generation website to generate the QR Code for your WiFi Network. There are a number of websites available on the web which will allow you to create or we can say to generate your own QR Code with proper credentials.

After this, make sure to choose the encryption for your WiFi Router. You can even enter the name of your WiFi network along with the Credential. Make sure to enter a Password of your WiFi Router within the given fields. You can checkmark the required boxes from here.

That’s all you have to do in order to generate the QR Code for your WiFi network. Once done, you can save this particular QR Code or can take a printout of it to share the QR Code with anyone.

Once your friend start scanning the QR Code through his iPhone’s native camera app, the app will ask you to join the network at the header. Make sure to select this notification to join the network which you have just scanned with the camera app.

After you confirm to join the network with the given notification, your phone will automatically create a new connection to the device and it will be connected with the new WiFi connection itself. This way, you don’t need to give Password to your friends to connect to your WiFi network, just ask them to scan the QR Code and they will be able to connect their iPhones easily with the WiFi Network. This will work perfectly with everyone and it doesn’t even ask you to enter the Password so you can keep your WiFi Router’s password secured from others.

In order to create a QR Code for your WiFi Router, you can head over to the QR Code Generator website. You can easily create your own QR Code for your WiFi Network to make it work.