Samsung’s next VR Headset to feature Inside-out tracking


South Korean giant is working for the next generation of Virtual Reality and that is the all new Samsung VR Headset. The company is reported working on a next VR Headset with 6 degrees of freedom (DoF). The current gear offers 3 degrees of freedom while the new Samsung VR is coming with double the DoF compare to all the other VR Headsets. 

Last month, the company’s Head of Graphics R&D, Taeyong Kim has spoken about the future of VR Headset at company’s official annual developer conference. He didn’t reveal much about this next generation of VR Headset, however he just revealed a few things about this and that they will soon come up with a complete standalone VR for the future consumers.

All he has said is the company is currently working on a standalone VR Headset with Inside-out tracking and 6 DoF controllers. These new VR Headsets are the next mobile VR Products.

Further on the future planning, Kim has said that the company is partnering with Intel to manufacture this standalone VR Headset. On the other side, Intel is also working for their own standalone VR Headset which could be announced anytime as they have already started working on their own product.

The technology which Samsung is going to use in manufacturing this future of VR Headset would be more advanced and it will offer more immersive user interface to everyone with room-scale tracking. Apart from this, the giant is also taking care of the minor issue such as reducing motion sickness and improving overall intuitive UI.

On the other hand, there are a couple of VR Headset which are also offering kind of the same features like this Samsung’s Next VR. Other VR Headsets are Oculus Go and HTC’s Vive Focus by introducing inside-out tracking technology. The tracking camera will be placed on the headset to record things out.

Samsung’s current devices Gear VR and Odyssey headsets are designed for a different type of audiences with over 1,000 titles supporting them. The giant has a wide range or we can say a whole new world of ecosystem of immersive videos. Initially from 360° cameras to 4K livestreaming.

If we talk about the existing VR Headsets of Samsung, the Samsung Gear VR is an entry-level device focusing on the common general users who just want to get on to the world of Virtual Reality. The other device, Odyssey is something different from the Samsung Gear VR which is more sophisticated than the entry-level VR. The Gear VR is there to allow you to explore Virtual Reality through your smartphone while the new Odyssey is there to connect with PC and Windows system. So it is designed for more advanced people who are using PC and want to explore the VR through their respective PC systems.

For the very same reason, the pricing between these existing VR Headsets from Samsung are very different and they are having a huge gap between the actual price tag. If we talk about the new Samsung VR Headset which comes as a Standalone edition, it would be priced with a huge price tag and would be there for the advanced users only.

The main aim or we can say the main focus of the new generation VR Headset from Samsung is to offer the most advanced Virtual Reality experience with a standalone device.

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