Samsung’s Bixby-Powered AI Smart Speaker to launch next year


Smart Speakers are in high-demand nowadays and with respect to its market demand, South Korean giant, Samsung has reportedly started working on their on AI Smart Speaker which would be powered by company’s own Bixby Digital Voice assistant. Other giants are Amazon, Samsung, Apple have their own Smart Speakers in the digital market and Samsung is also coming up with their own Smart Speaker which would be released in the first half of next year. 

We have already heard about Samsung’s plans to launch Smart Speaker, but according to new reports, the company has already started working on the speaker which would hit the real digital market very soon. According to reports, the Samsung’s Smart Speaker would offer more advanced high quality audio compare to other smart speakers available in the market.

Apart from the audio capacity, the giant may also come with sync feature to manage other home appliances such as digital locks and lights. Of course, the new Smart Speaker by Samsung would be powered by more advanced Voice assistant, Bixby Voice assistant.

The reports also say that the device would sync with smartphones and Televisions. The company is currently improving the ability to perform voice-based web services well through the speaker.

As we all know about the features and specifications of Amazon’s Alexa powered smart speakers and Google’s Google Assistant based speakers, Samsung has to come up with something new and innovative to explore what you want through the technology world.

If we talk about the size of the new Samsung’s Smart Speaker, it would be designed just like Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s HomePod. Reports also suggest that the new Samsung Smart Speaker will be available in different color options so you can have plenty of choices to purchase the smart speaker of your own choice just like different Samsung smartphones.

The new Bixby-Powered AI Smart Speaker will be available in different markets around the world starting with the United States. The company will also hold a special event to come up with the new Smart Speaker in the market. However, there is no any official words regarding the special launch event for this speaker as of this moment.

If we talk about the pricing of Samsung’s new Smart Speaker, they would carry a price tag of around $200 which is double the price of Amazon’s Echo speaker. If we talk about Apple’s own smart speaker i.s. HomePod, it carries a price tag of $349. So Samsung would release their own Smart Speaker cheaper than Apple’s HomePod with advanced technology features.

Samsung has enough time to test out new features on their smart speaker. There is no any specific launch date regarding this smart speaker revealed yet, however the reports are claiming that the company may launch this new smart speaker in the first half of the next year.

Since there is no any specific information revealed by Samsung till now, they may change their plans on launching this device next year. However, as per the current demands on smart speakers, the giant has to come with their new products as soon as possible.

The company is also gearing up for their next generation of Samsung Galaxy S devices with Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ in the CES 2018. We may get to see a bunch of new products and gadgets from Samsung in the upcoming CES 2018 in the January month in Las Vegas. The future of Samsung will be showcased in this event.

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