Samsung is working on in-display Cameras at the front panel


Technology brings innovative features to the smartphones. We have been seeing a lot of tech inventions on new generation smartphones. Fingerprint Sensor is one of the most useful security feature on a smartphone. With the innovation in technology, many phones have changed the location of the Sensor on their phones. Vivo has recently revealed their new Vivo X20 UD smartphone to come with in-display Fingerprint Sensor. Now, Samsung’s Patent reveals that the future Samsung devices will feature in-display front facing cameras. 

Many tech enthusiasts have been asking this question, whether the front facing camera can be placed underneath display? Well, Samsung’s new patent has got all the answers of your questions. And yes, it is quite possible to place the front facing cameras in the display of the device.

So in the future, we might get to see the new Smartphones with in-display cameras and in-display Fingerprint Sensor at the front panel.

According to the leaked Samsung Patents, the company is working on a smartphone which could feature everything under display including the sensors and the front facing camera. You may not be able to see things as everything will be placed under the glass display at the front panel.

The patent showcases the holes in the OLED display. The future Smartphones will come with OLED display to handle such new features which can not be accessible through LCD or any other displays. So we will get to see the future phones by big giants with OLED displays.

This new technology design the phones with full display and you will have a whole display to work with and to explore the things you want. There will be more space to explore and it will add more premium look of the phones. Apple tried to bring the same technology through the new iPhone X, but couldn’t find the solution to it. However, as the time passes by, we will get to see the same in-display things in the future phones.

According to sources, people will be given choices whether to use the full display of just a part of the display to view the images and videos on the phone.

Furthermore, the patent also showcases one more hole at the bottom of the display which could be the Physical Home button on the display. The reports also suggest that there could be an underneath fingerprint sensor button located at the front panel of the phone. We are certainly unaware about the actual location of the Fingerprint Sensor in the leaked Patent.

If we talk about Xiaomi’s Mi Mix smartphone, the device features an earpiece below the screen which sounds weird. The device has put the selfie camera or we can say the front facing camera at the bottom side of the display. The bottom front facing camera looks a bit odd as it doesn’t allow you to make Video Calls thoroughly. You have to keep the phone upside to make video calls.

Sadly, there is no any confirmation on how Samsung will implement things together and bring the in-display front facing camera. But all the tech enthusiasts get curious to know the future technology by the South Korean giant. We would definitely get to see the phones to come with an in-display selfie cameras at the front panel.

It seems like not just Samsung, but Apple, Huawei and all the other major smartphone manufacturers might be testing out the same technology in their upcoming smartphones to make their future phones unique and innovative with new technology. This year’s Mobile World Congress event will showcase the innovative smartphones from all the popular giants around the world. The event will take place from the Next month at Barcelona, Spain.

What do you guys think about this idea by Samsung? Would you like to see the future phones with in-display Cameras? Do share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. If you have anything further to ask or have any queries or feedbacks to share, kindly let us know in the comments section given below this post. For more updates, stay tuned with us!