Samsung updated Always-On Display with GIF Support

By | March 31, 2018

Samsung’s Always-On Displays get a new update with GIF Support. Yes, the giant has updated the AODs which now supports different types of GIFs. You will be able to put a GIF on the Always-On Display with an update. The Always-On Display is basically the most useful feature on the Super AMOLEDs on the latest premium Samsung devices. If you’ve been using any of Samsung’s Premium smartphone with AOD, you will be able to make use of GIFs on the display. 

Samsung’s Always-On Display is quite useful for those who want to see a clock and the notifications at a glance. With this display, you can easily see the notifications and the timing without turning the phone on from the sleep mode. The AOD keeps the clock on and it will show you everything at a glance.

This new update from Samsung allows the users of Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 smartphones to put the motion on the display as they desire.

If we talk about the beginning, the giant allows the users to put a photo on the Always-On Display. With an update to this, they will be able to put the live GIFs on the display. This was the super easiest way to personalise your phone’s display using any of your favourite GIF. The animated GIFs are now making their ways to your phone’s Always-On display with a new update.

GIF Support on Always-On Display comes with a new version of Always on Display. The APK of this update is also available to install on a respective Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 devices. You can download the latest APK file of the Always On Display app and can update the app to your device manually.

The idea is pretty simple and adding a new GIF to your AOD is also a simple tasks. Just download or keep a GIF to your Gallery. You can get the GIF from anywhere on the internet. After this, just go to the Application and browser the GIF which you want to add on the AOD to your smartphone. Select the GIF and crop it up with the suitable resolution. Select the Apply button and you’re done!

If the selected GIF doesn’t suite with the required size for the display, you just need to tap on to the Edit button from the app. Once you tap the edit button, you will be able to crop the GIF and this way you can set the GIF with the suitable size for your Samsung’s device.

You need to keep in mind that, this GIF will work only for once and it will not keep running on looping. So once you set the GIF to your AOD and lock down the device, the GIF will run for once and after that, it will stick to one frame with the Always-On Display.

The current update of Always-On Display is always working fine on the newly launched, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones. If you want to test out this new Always-On Display’s updated app and want to check out the new GIF support to your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 phones, you can follow the below mentioned link and download the latest APK file of this application right now!

Download Always-On Display APK