Samsung sued over biometric patent infringement


Never ending war of patent has hit the South Korean giant again. Yes, Samsung sued once again over biometric patent infringement. As you know, Samsung’s new flagship devices come with a number of useful sensors such as Fingerprint Sensor, Iris Scanners, Facial Recognition technology etc.

The advanced Samsung devices collects more biometrical data than any other smartphones and we all are aware about that. In fact, we all get attracted towards these features on the advanced Samsung devices.

The South Korean giant is being sued by a US-based “data security firm,” PACid Technologies, for infringing on two US patents and the other one is for the biometric features which are available on the latest flagship phones from the company.

If we talk more about this case, the original lawsuit is being filed on April 6th with the Texas Eastern District Court. It attracts Samsung’s Galaxy range from Galaxy S6 to Galaxy S8. All the devices which were launched during this period of time.

According to PACid Technologies, two US patents with No. 9,577,994 and No. 9,876,771 and one Korean patent with KR20110128567A have been infringed. Apart from this, Samsung Pass and Knox are also there in the lawsuit.

Additionally, they have also claimed that the South Korean giant was very well aware about these patents since January 2017. And the court has to accept that claim of PACid Technologies over the Infringement of these patents.

With this, the South Korean giant has to pay three times the money of its devices with $1 per device. Or 2.82 billion USD in total. This is just an open case and PACid Technologies has not good track records in the past over such issues. The lawsuit can be neglected as well with proper proofs by Samsung in the coming days.

As mentioned above, most of the popular Galaxy flagships from the company including Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ using the same software with the above mentioned patents.

In this particular case, Samsung’s Electronics representative commented to the media, “planning to look for countermeasures after going over claims made by PACid.” Experts also say that the same case can be filed against other giants such as Google, Amazon and LG Electronics over the coming weeks.

The same PACid Technologies has sued various companies such as Google, Apple, and Nintendo for patent infringement in the past. It seems like this company is aiming at the same and by suing such big companies, they can take full advantages from the same.