Samsung planning to build 11K display for mobiles



When most of the people are trying to adjust themselves with 4K display, Samsung is planning build even more resolution display and trying to set a milestone in this category. According to the report of Electronic Times of Korea, the company is planning to build an 11k mobile display by 2018. Yes, you heard it right they are planning to create an 11K display, meaning a stupendous amazing marvelous 2,250 pixels per inch. This will be around four times higher than current Quad-HD displays of Samsung.

Samsung is working with 13 more company in this project, which is so called “EnDK” project. South Korean government is also investing around $26.5 million over five year period. I don’t get it, what is use of an 11K display of a mobile, where 4K display seems like over? Samsung says that, due to this crazy amount of pixels, the display will give 3D-like effect without the use of 3D glasses. While using, the stunning Quad-HD display of Samsung Galaxy Tab S slates, sometimes by using right content, you can feel like 3D somewhat.