Samsung Pay finally gets PayPal Integration in the US

By | April 8, 2018

Samsung’s own digital payment solution service, Samsung Pay is one of the most popular platform from which users can easily make digital transactions to various other platforms. Samsung Pay utilizes MST to simulate the magnetic stripe of physical credit cards. This allows the users to accept this service by nearby stores. All it requires is your bank and credit card to accept the Samsung Pay service and it should be compatible with it. 

After a year of its original announcement, Samsung Pay finally gets PayPal Integration in the United States. Yes, you heard that right. The users of Samsung Pay in the United States now able of integrate this platform with PayPal by completing few steps.

This new PayPal Integration in Samsung Pay allows you to use your bank or credit card balance which is associated with the service. There are many users who keep their money in the PayPal’s account and not in their personal bank accounts. To spend out the PayPal’s money directly to various stores and to other transactions, the Samsung Pay users can now debit the money from their PayPal account directly with this new PayPal integration.

If you’ve been using a premium Samsung Galaxy device, then this would be a great feature for you all as it works like a charm and offers easy integration to integrate your PayPal account and connect it with Samsung Pay service.

The new integration adds up your PayPal account easily to the Samsung Pay application and it doesn’t ask for anything more. In order to add PayPal’s account, all you have to do is just select the + icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Besides the Add Debit/Credit Card option, you would see Add PayPal button. Just select this option and you would be asked to insert the PayPal’s credentials there. Fill out all the required things in the form to add up your PayPal’s account.

The new PayPal Integration to Samsung Pay application has been rolled out and it is now available to use for the consumers of the United States. If your phone doesn’t have this option yet, you need to wait for a couple of more days as the update would require some time to reach out to your Samsung Galaxy device. Wait for sometime and receive this update as soon as possible.

Many of the users of the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 phones have not seen the update yet. So we can consider this a slow roll out and hence it will take some time to hit various Galaxy line-up. This is how the entire roll out will work within the country and you all will be able to explore the new PayPal Integration on the Samsung Pay application.