Samsung patent new wearable device with headphone concept



Samsung patent new wearable device with headphone concept

If you thinking Google were the main ones having a fabulous time making wearable head-gear with heads-up display innovation, think once as Samsung is all set to join in the fun with another patent. The documenting demonstrates to us a sweet idea – earphones with heads-up display. Think Google Glass, however with the included profit of being earphones for media playback.

With this patent Samsung is also coming to directly compete with the search giant’s wearable device called ‘Google Glass’ with all new concept and design. After seeing the actual you will realize how this gonna be headache for Google.


It’s a unique one from Samsung has been playing with a mixed bag of ideas, including brilliant glasses to opponent Google’s current trials. (What is more we have formerly heard whispers or something to that affect of sharp headset from the Korean maker.) Not much else has been showcased in the patent, so we will need to see what becomes exposed in future. We have earlier looked at reports Samsung will present more wearables not long from now, however its unspecified whether new earphones with heads-up display are part of roadmaps.

Today itself Google was giving US citizens the Google Glass at $1500 including specs of their choices. I can assure that in forthcoming days something interesting gonna happen. Samsung after this patent again proved that are not much behind in any technology. See the image below how Samsung has tried to make this wearable compact and reliable.


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