Samsung launches 360 Round VR camera with 17 lenses


South Korean giant, Samsung has recently launched a new Samsung Connect Tag GPS based device to keep track of your loved ones, animals and children. Apart from this, the same giant has now announced a new 360 Round VR Camera which has 17 lenses. In an Annual Developer Conference, Samsung has unveiled this new generation 360 degree camera with amazing features. 

Unlike other 360- degree cameras, this new Samsung 360 Round VR Camera is specially designed for 3D content creators and enthusiasts to develop a realistic 360 degree 3D movies within this camera. Since the demand of Virtual Reality is expanding, Samsung has come up with this new generation camera which is there to bring the special Virtual Reality contents.

If we talk about the current tech scenario, YouTube and Facebook are serving 360 degree contents and users around the world are loving to explore such virtual reality world through various devices. Samsung too has decided to come up with their own cameras so that people can get into the real virtual reality with this new camera.

This camera is capable enough to livestream 4K 3D video at 30FPS. Apart from this, the camera has its own 6 built-in microphones to record sharp voices as well.

The new 360 Round Camera has 17 different lenses from which 16 lenses are placed around the edges of the camera. These 16 cameras are positioned horizontally. While the last, 17th camera is placed vertically to record 360 degree.

Since the camera is designed to work in all the conditions, it carries IP65 certification which makes the camera dust and water resistant. This camera performs better in all weather conditions and gives you the best of functionality wherever you go. Additionally, the camera has fanless design which makes the camera size compact so you can easily take it away wherever you go.

Just to give you the right information about this camera, we have enlisted all the features of this camera here. Check out the list of the features mentioned below right now!

Features of 360 Round Camera by Samsung

  • Fanless design makes the device compact
  • The 360 Round camera has 17 lenses to capture from all the angles
  • Cameras are of 1/2.8-inch, 2MP image sensor and f/1.8 Lens
  • The camera has 6 built-in microphones inside and 2 mics outside
  • USB-C and LAN connectivity is available
  • 10GB RAM with 40GB of Internal Storage Memory
  • Expand the memory storage up to 2TB with SSD or up to 256 GB with SD card
  • Weighs 1.93kg with 9V, 21.1A power input to keep the camera charged
  • IP65 Certified camera offers dust and water resistant design

These are all the advanced features available in this new generation 360 Round VR Camera from Samsung. The giant will announce a couple of more such cameras with even more features in the coming days.

If we talk about the pricing and availability, the new Samsung 360 Round VR Camera is set to launch in this current month, may be at the end of this month in the United States. Sadly, there is no any information regarding the pricing of this camera available at this moment.

Samsung aims to focus in the United States’ markets only for this camera and the availability of this camera in other regions is not yet decided by the South Korean giant yet. However, we could expect this camera to be available in other countries as well. Hopefully, we would get to see this camera in the next year in the global tech market.