Samsung Gear 2 vs LG G Watch : comparison


Samsung released Samsung Gear 2 few months back, its running on the Samsung jointly developed Tizen Operating system rather than Android, Over all the look is much refined with new technology. Where as LG G watch also has same features apart from Operating System. This two devices has good competition in the market. So in this article we are comparing the two devices Samsung Gear 2 and LG G watch.

Samsung Gear 2 vs LG G Watch

Samsung-Gear 2

Design and Build Body

The design of the device gear 2 is similar to the first iteration of the Samsung’s Smart watches, any how they tried to come with unique way of style. In this device now we can separate the strap from the main body of the watch has forced Samsung to refine the design of things like the camera and the home button. Where as the LG G watch also comes with an rectangular dial. As I mentioned earlier both the devices has almost similar design.



Samsung Gear 2 comes with 1.63 inch super AMOLED display with 320 x 320 pixel resolution, where are LG G watch has 1.65 inch LCD IPS 280 x 280 pixel resolution. There are some common specifications where both the devices has 4 GB of internal memory with 512 MB of RAM and connectivity Bluetooth.

Gear 2 is powered by the dual core processor clocked at 1.0 GHz and runs on Samsung’s own TIZEN Operating system, LG G watch powered by the qual comm snapdragon 400 processor and runs on Android OS. The sensors included in the LG G watch are Accelerometer, Gyro, compass and in Samsung Gear S there are some features which includes in fitness like Heat Rate sensor, Pedometer and Exercise, sleep and stress.The high light of this device is its Camera feature with Auto focus, Sound and shot, Location, Tags and signature. Both the devices are certified as Dust and water resistant.

Gear 2 comes with Li-ion 300mAh battery and LG G water had 400 mAh, LG G watch has packs huge battery as we can use it for 2 to 3 days. Where as LG G watch comes in two colors namely white gold, black Titan.


Gear 2 features are extraordinary with advanced sensors where as LG G features are very less, but Battery life is good in LG G watch rather than Samsung Gear 2 .