Samsung Galaxy S9 will have better Iris Scanner with Fingerprint Scanner at the back


Samsung’s next edition phone, Samsung Galaxy S9 is back on the headlines. A new report suggest that, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 smartphone to feature even more advanced Iris Scanner along with the new Fingerprint Scanner mounted at the back panel. The new scanner will come with the support for Samsung Pay to make money transactions even more secured. 

People around the world have becoming more advanced with the use of advanced smartphones and useful applications. Many smartphones such as Samsung and Apple offer their own money transactions platforms on the devices with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Now, you will get more advanced and secured scanner on the Samsung’s upcoming phone, i.e. Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung is reportedly working on a mini version of Galaxy S9 as well. So we could see three smartphones from the S9 series, with Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S9 Mini. All these devices are reportedly to be showcased in the next Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in the early 2018.

We have so many information about the next edition phones from Samsung’s Galaxy S series smartphones. We have also posted about the actual display sizes of the Samsung Galaxy S9 phones. Samsung has also announced its next edition chipset i.e. Exynos 9810. This is the most advanced Chipset announced by Samsung. The new generation Galaxy devices will be powered by the same Exynos 9810 processor.

In a nutshell, Samsung will add a lot of improvements to its Iris scanner. Iris Scanner which was first introduced on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones with limited features. Now, the company is preparing to add an advanced Iris Scanner on the Galaxy S9 smartphones.

If we talk about the improved features, the new Iris Scanner will have shorter response time, so you will be able to unlock your device and make other tasks done more quicker than before. The scanner will have better recognise feature in dark and low light, so it will add improved functionality as well. The Galaxy S8 uses 2 Megapixel of resolution while this new Iris Scanner will use 3 Megapixel of resolution.

The Galaxy S8’s Iris Scanner was tested by hackers and they could not breach the scanner and the security of the device. However, Samsung is still upgrading it with more advanced technology and improved security. Apart from Iris Scanner, there will be an improved Fingerprint Scanner with facial recognition feature onboard.

Apart from this, Samsung has started offering the Samsung Pay, it’s own money transactions platform on almost all the latest phones. Currently, Samsung Pay uses Iris Scanner and Fingerprint Scanner for user authentication. Both these scanners are providing biometric authentications of users to make use of Samsung Pay and some other apps as added security. The improvements on Iris Scanner will make the Samsung Pay and its biometric authentication more secured.

Samsung is welcoming more mobile banking apps to work with the Iris Scanner so they can offer the best service to all the Samsung users even if they use third party applications. Developers will also start developing new apps with the support of Iris Scanner.

Iris Scanner from Samsung will be available on almost all the upcoming Samsung devices as many smartphone makers are trying out different things to make advanced smartphones. Samsung has its own Iris Scanner and Fingerprint Scanner so they will definitely put both these features on the upcoming smartphones starting from the all new Samsung Galaxy S8 series smartphones.

What’s your take on this guys? Do you expect anything more from Samsung on the Galaxy S9 phones? Do share your thoughts and opinions on this. If you have any feedbacks to share, let us know in the comments section given below this post. For more updates, stay tuned with us!